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Every month we’ll be getting to know a new CAMer and putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

This month we meet our resident designer Wayne.

Politics (I know – I’m strange), films, movies, art, most sport – especially AFL (come on Port),, cappuccino, brunch, Yorkshire puddings, NGOs, bush-walking, camping, Yoga, oh and my bike.

2 Dislikes
Right wing conservative media commentators, vested interests, Collingwood football club, people who are rude, really hot days (anything over 40), most politicians and tv commercials.

3 What do you do?
I’m a Graphic Designer and Community Campaigner

4 When was the last time you gave to charity?
Last month – my nephew has cancer and we’re trying to raise money for his treatment

5 What’s your background?
I’m just another POM that came over to the lucky country for a bit of the good life. I followed the love of my life out here who I met when she was backpacking around Europe – we’re now happily married. Work-wise, I was originally an events organiser in England but kinda stumbled into Graphic Design when I moved here.

6 What’s your biggest fear about Climate Change?
That we’ll just continue along as we are now, business as usual. Like a frog in a pot of slowly boiling water we won’t take the action that we need to until it’s to late.

7 What action would you like to see happen on Climate Change?
Oh heaps, too much to list here – but the most important thing I’d like to see done right now is for mainstream media to report on climate change seriously rather than making it a ‘points of view’ issue. It doesn’t matter how many geologists you roll out to counter climatologists – the earth is still getting hotter.

8 Funniest CAM story?
I was giving out How to Vote cards at the CAM booth in the Higgins bi-election last year. A volunteer turned up late telling us that he was there to help hand out cards for the climate people. After 20 minutes it turned out he was actually there for the Climate Skeptic party! He was very nice.

9 What have you done to live a more sustainable life?
A few years back I used to work in Tullamarine. Had to drive every day. It was not good, I was always in a rush and would get annoyed when the traffic stopped for no apparent reason. Now I work in the city and ride my bike. I’ve gone from driving pretty much all the time to once or twice a week. It’s much better, I save heaps of money and I’m fitter.

10 What do you like about CAM?
It has an open door to everyone, they are really a friendly bunch and as a group they have a great positive attitude.

11 If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
Invest in solar.

12 If you were the leader of the world what’s the first thing you’d do?
Swap the subsidies going to fossil fuels with those going to renewables.

13 What song would you like played at your funeral?
Stuck in the middle with you.

14 Which dead person would you most like to have a drink with?
Gandhi – I bet he’d giggle heaps.

15 If a movie was made of your life who would you like to play you?
Jason Stratham from The Transporter. He wouldn’t need to change his hairstyle and could pull-off the accent.

16 Red or Blue?
Blue, no red – no blue. Yep blue, definitely blue.

17 What keeps you awake at night?
Most things, I tend to have a racing mind. At the moment work and how did Andrew Bolt get his own show on the radio?

18 What’s are you reading at the moment?
Solar by Ian McEwan – very funny and very scary.

19 Where is your favourite place to eat.
CERES. Great food, friendly staff, good music and a brilliant vibe (although it is getting a bit cold at the moment).

20 What’s your favourite drink?
Either Fat Yak or Three Ravens. Oh, was that non-alcoholic, if so iced coffee with ice cream and a sprinkling of coffee beans.

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