Moreland Council joins ICLEI global local government sustainability network

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo at Cities Climate Summit Photo: ©Mairie de Paris

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo at Cities Climate Summit Photo: ©Mairie de Paris

Council received a report on the advantages to joining the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This organisation is an international
association of local and metropolitan governments dedicated to sustainable development. A decision was taken by Moreland Council to join ICLEI.

The brief report and motion to join was accepted by Council unanimously at the meeting.

The report prepared by council officers states

“Moreland was initially a member of ICLEI and an active participant in the Cities for
Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign. CCP instigated climate action in Local
Governments across Australia funded by the Federal Government. The CCP
program funding ceased in 2000 and the program no longer exists. Since that time,
ICLEI has rebuilt its Australian programs and partnerships and offers a number of
tailored programs and specialist support as well as global networking and programs.”

One of the advantages gained is external funding access for renewables and new battery storage technologies through ARENA:

“ICLEI has been leading discussions and a grant application with the Australian
Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to develop an economic feasibility study into
aggregated energy storage across multiple Council facilities. Investigate the
opportunities and barriers around Virtual Net Metering (VNM) on multiple commercial
sites with solar and battery storage” says the report.

Other advantages include: an opportunity to share knowledge with ICLEI partners regarding best practice in areas such as climate change, water management and sustainable transport, and to strengthen advocacy and lobbying both in Australian and globally, including at UN climate negotiations.

Moreland joined the Compact of Mayors

This membership follows on from Moreland Council joining the Compact of Mayors during the Paris Climate conference. The December 9 meeting of Council considered the following and passed the following motion on the Compact of Mayors and ordered the report for consideration of joining ICLEI:

NOM50/15 Compact of Mayors (D15/385039)
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, is the world’s leading association of cities and local Governments dedicated to sustainable development. The ICLEI Oceania Regional Secretariat is hosted by the City of Melbourne and serves the interests and needs of local governments in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Nations. ICLEI Oceania is active in the Asia region in partnership with the South Asia and South East Asia Secretariats through the ICLEI Indonesia Office based in Jakarta.

Although not a member of ICLEI Oceania, they recently approached Moreland Council to join an initiative of the ‘Compact of Mayors’ prior to the Conference of the Parties, where world leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations climate summit. The Compact of the Mayors is the world’s largest co-operative effort among Cities and local Governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, track progress and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Due to all of the hard work already undertaken here at Moreland (via our adopted community and corporate climate action strategies), we are able to meet the ‘requirements’ of joining this movement at no cost to Council, which includes the submission of Moreland’s:
* Greenhouse inventory
* Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy
* Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan
* The Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action – Adaptation in the North work.

With the Paris talks imminent this resolution formalises Moreland Council’s commitment to join this Compact and submit our existing work. Other Australian Council’s who have recently joined the Compact include Mornington Peninsula Shire, City of Port Phillip, City of Joondalup, Byron Shire Council (in addition to Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide).

Cr Ratnam moved, Cr L Thompson seconded that –
Council resolve to:
1. Note that Council has joined the Compact of Mayors initiative co-ordinated by ICLEI.
2. Receive a further report to consider whether Council should become a member of ICLEI.

Just some anecdotal history. I asked a question at a Council meeting perhaps 18 months ago, if Council was a member of ICLEI, and if not, then why not. From memory, I was answered by either the CEO or one of the Directors that it was judged that there was no advantage for Council or staff in rejoining the network, although Moreland had been a past member.

I am glad membership has been reassessed and revisited.

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