Hot Christmas expected for Melbourne during SE Australia heatwave

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Christmas heatwave

Christmas heatwave

The Bureau of Meteorology are predicting a heatwave across south east Australia towards the end of this week. (See BOM heatwave Service) Maximum Temperature for Christmas day in Melbourne is predicted to be 35C. From Christmas Eve to Wednesday 28 December maximum temperatures are forecast to be above 30C with some warm nights with the temperature going down to 20-25C minimum.

Melbourne Forecast:
Friday 23 December: Min 13 Max 29 Sunny
Saturday 24 December: Min 18 Max 31 Sunny
Sunday 25 December: Min 19 Max 35 Sunny
Monday 26 December: Min 24 Max 31 Becoming cloudy
Tuesday 27 December: Min 19 Max 35 Cloudy
Wednesday 28 December Min 25 Max 35 Cloudy

Heatwaves are a silent killer. More people die from heat stress related injuries than any other natural disaster including bushfires.

Take care if working, playing or picnicing in the heat. Seek shade before you feel the symptoms of heat stress. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Especially look after elderly relatives and friends and children who are more vulnerable to heat stress.

Do a nice christmas round and look in on neighbors to ensure they are okay, especially any elderly people in your neighborhood.

Don’t leave children or pets unattended in a car, especially in open sun. Heat can quickly build up in a car and cause heat stress within minutes on hot days.

Make sure your pets or wildlife have adequate water available.

At Climate Action Moreland we know that heatwaves are getting more frequent and intense, driven by the continuing trend of increasing temperatures caused by climate change. This is not a matter of belief, but of science fact.

We are also aware that in urban areas such as Moreland, the Urban heat Island Effect from all the built up surfaces such as roads and buildings increases average temperatures further, adding to the risk of heat stress and population health.

Moreland Energy Foundation in a partnership with Moreland City Council is working on a project named Cooling Communities to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Moreland has a particularly high heat vulnerability index due to our particular social and urban geography and population demographics.

Moreland's social heat vulnerability

Moreland’s social heat vulnerability

We need to reduce emissions in Australia and globally to reduce the impacts of heatwaves in the future, and we also need to learn to adapt to our changed climate that is hotter with more extreme heat events.

Currently Australia is not doing it’s fair share of climate action in comparison to other countries, with our present climate targets more aligned with a 4C + scenario for 2100. We do know that many Australian households have already stepped up with more than 1.5 million households now with solar PV systems installed, and over one million households with solar hot water systems (Our member John Englart just upgraded his gas boosted Hotwater system to a Solar hot water system)

We need leadership by businesses that climate action and sustainability is part of their business bottom line, and for all levels of government to step up in reducing emissions. We know that most of the leadership work should be done at the Federal level, but the climate denialists are dictating the inaction terms to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and all of us. That has elevated the importance of local government, State government and local businesses being climate action leaders.

Want to assist? Come along to our next meeting or one of the many Victorian climate events, or sign the Climate Emergency Petition.

We send you our seasons greetings.

South East Australia isn’t the only place with a heatwave. The Arctic is experiencing warming in winter with temperatures 20C above normal.

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