In Moreland we are asking our Federal MP to help #stopAdani

March 16, 2017 at 9:28 pm 2 comments

What every Federal MP needs: concerned citizens lobbying them on climate

A little friendly protest will take place outside the electorate office for Wills MP, Peter Khalil
When: Friday 17 March at 1.30pm at 3 Munro St, Coburg.
Join us for a while if you are in the local area.

We think all our Federal MPs and Senators should be working to stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine from going ahead.

Peter Khalil has already signed the Climate Emergency declaration and is making climate change one of his 6 focus areas.

The Carmichaeol coal mine is a huge carbon bomb. Once built it will lead to coal extraction, transport to the coast, across the Great Barrier Reef, to coal plants across Asia adding to greenhouses gases and climate change. If it goes ahead it would effectively counter any emissions reduction we make with renewables or energy efficiency or waste reduction.

Unfortunately due to other commitments, Peter Khalil could not join us but released a statement. “The Federal Labor party has been clear that Carmichael coal mine / Adani project should not receive any financial support from the Federal Government” he says.

“The Turnbull Government has no imagination, the only thing they can think of to do with a multibillion dollar infrastructure fund is to sling $1 billion to a big coal company from India. The Government is able to provide support to the Adani project regardless of Labor’s position; it is not the case that the government requires Labor’s approval to provide support for this project.”

Read the rest of Khalil’s statement in full (PDF).

Khalil articulates that the Labor party doesn’t oppose the mine, they just won’t support any government subsidy for it’s development. While we appreciate his public statement on this issue, we want the Labor Party to stop equivocating and to oppose the mine development.

If the Carmichael mine and railway is built it opens up the Galilee basin coalfields for several other coal mines. It must be stopped.

Already there are strong signs of significant coral bleaching for the second year in a row (SMH) on our Great Barrier Reef. Improving the water quality will not help reduce coral bleaching. Only reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change holds out any hope of saving the reef. 22 per cent of the reef died last year, and the continuing marine heatwave will push parts of the reef well beyond recovery (ABC).

Some 70,000 people depend upon and make their living in connection to the Great Barrier Reef. The Adani Carmichael coal mine promises just 1454 jobs but places at risk tens of thousands of jobs in tourism and hospitality.

Now Aurizon, one of Australia’s largest coal freighting companies, has asked our Government for $1.25 billion taxpayer dollars (AFR) from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund to help them build the rail line that Adani needs to connect its coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin with the Abbot Point coal port.

Photos from the protest at Khalil’s office in Coburg

But there is growing community resistance which you can join.

Activists have put together a Roadshow on how you can get involved. The roadshow is bringing together Australian and international campaigners, to speak about how our movement will stop this coal mine. There’ll be musicians bringing energy to the stage, and lively MCs to help us through the tough news. But most of all, the roadshow will outline how we can get active in our communities, right now, to win.

Here are the details of the #StopAdani Roadshow in Melbourne:

When: Friday 31 March. Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.
Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre
RSVP: Visit Eventbright to secure your ticket now
Cost: $10-$15

There’s an exciting team driving the roadshow, including GetUp, The Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, North Queensland Conservation Council, Market Forces, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Green Music Australia and community groups across the nation.

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