Moreland plans well on track to meet Net Zero by 2050 climate target

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Impact on 2020 greenhouse emissions reduction goal as part of Moreland’s Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan . Source: Moreland Council

A report by Climate Works assessing 57 of the largest municipalities and shires in Australia has highlighted that Moreland is one of three local Governments in Australia fully aligned with emissions reduction of Net Zero by 2050 climate target.

Moreland Council has already achieved carbon neutrality from 2012 with regard to Council operations with using carbon offset credits, and is further refining plans to reduce operational emissions further.

Community emissions is much more difficult, but Council have set a zero net emissions by 2040 target and put in place the Zero Carbon Moreland strategy to achieve that target through a series of 5 year plans through the work of the Australian Energy Foundation and consultation with a ‘Brains Trust’ (including the contribution of Climate Action Moreland members).

This year Moreland Council electricity started being supplied as part of the groundbreaking Melbourne renewable Energy project which financed the development of the Crowlands Wind Farm.

Read more on Moreland Council Reducing Council’s corporate emissions.

“Three (five per cent) of the 57 governments considered have fully aligned net-zero-by- 2050 targets that address both operational and community emissions (Moreland City Council, Northern Beaches Council and the and the ACT Legislative Assembly, which has both state and local government accountability).”

Ranking of Council net zero ambition (57 councils)

All Councils taking climate action steps

The report describes that all local Councils assessed were taking steps to reduce operational and community emissions.

“Our analysis found all of the local governments assessed are taking steps to reduce their operational or community emissions and many have net zero by 2050 targets or aspirations.”

“We found that 58 per cent of the local governments assessed have a target to reach net zero operational emissions by 2050, or have made emissions reduction commitments compatible with this goal. These 33 councils – four of which are already carbon neutral – represent 31 per cent of the Australian population.”

Local Council ambition on Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Source: Climateworks

“These findings are significant,” said Petra Stock, program manager of cities and policy at ClimateWorks Australia, which produced the report with Monash Sustainable Development Institute. “To put these commitments into perspective, it means local governments covering 21 per cent of Australia’s population already have agreed to eliminate all the emissions from their regions by 2050, which is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Stock.

The Morrison Federal Government is refusing to set a Net Zero by 2050 target, yet all State and Territory Governments, and many municipal and shire councils have already adopted this target. Many nations internationally have set this target.

Progress towards Net Zero emissions by 2050 target across Australia Source: Climateworks

More Councils declaring a climate emergency

Moreland Council declared a climate emergency at their September 2018 Council meeting, which has allowed Council to re-orient many of it’s Council policies and strategies with regard to climate action. Moreland Council was the third Victorian Council to declare a climate emergency, following the action of Darebin Council in December 2016. Now there are 94 municipal or shire Councils Australia wide, 24 in Victoria.

Council/Shire                           Pop     Declared 
Darebin City Council		VIC	161609	5 Dec 2016
Frankston City Council		VIC	143232	18 Nov 2019
Greater Dandenong City Council	VIC	166094	28 Jan 2020
Greater Geelong City Council	VIC	252217	25 Feb 2020
Hepburn Shire Council		VIC	15812	17 Sep 2019
Hobsons Bay City Council	VIC	96459	8 Oct 2019
Indigo Shire Council		VIC	16489	30 Jul 2019
Kingston City Council		VIC	162500	28 Jan 2020
Manningham Council		VIC	122902	28 Jan 2020
Maribyrnong City Council	VIC	82288	19 Feb 2019
Melbourne City Council		VIC	169961	16 Jul 2019
Mildura Rural City Council	VIC	55515	26 Feb 2020
Moonee Valley City Council	VIC	130265	8 Oct 2019
Moreland City Council		VIC	162558	12 Sep 2018
Mornington Peninsula Shire 	VIC	165633	13 Aug 2019
Mount Alexander Shire Council	VIC	19514	17 Dec 2019
Moyne Shire Council		VIC	16887	22 Oct 2019
Port Phillip City Council	VIC	113200	18 Sep 2019
Queenscliffe Borough Council	VIC	2982	19 Dec 2019
Stonnington City Council	VIC	116207	17 Feb 2020
Surf Coast Shire Council	VIC	32651	27 Aug 2019
Warrnambool City Council	VIC	35957	7 Oct 2019
Yarra City Council		VIC	95981	7 Feb 2017
Yarra Ranges Council		VIC	159180	10 Sep 2019

Source: Cedamia Global CED maps

At the recent National Climate Emergency Summit over 100 Municipal Councillors from 70 Councils met in a workshop and voted to establish Climate Emergency Australia to assist and share information on local government climate emergency action.

The Moreland based Australian Energy Foundation recently wrote to all Council CEOs offering their services in formulating Council Climate Emergency Strategy and action plans.

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