Climate action centre stage at Sydney Road Street Party

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Peter Khalil MP public engagement issues board at end of Sydney Road Street Party. Source: Courtesy Peter Khalil

Thousands of people strolled and paraded along Sydney Road on Sunday 1st March for the annual Sydney Road Street Party. The street was closed to all traffic and trams from Brunswick Road to Victoria street. Climate Action Moreland was there with a stall, up near the Victoria street end. We provided a local climate / environment hub for Stop Adani Moreland, Neighbours United for Climate Action, Newlands Friends of the Forest, and Moreland BUG to locate and campaign with us.

Our main engagement activity was collecting signatures for our petition to City of Moreland to amend their Procurement Policy with regard to businesses that sign contracts to do work with the Adani Coal mine. If you missed us on the day, you can sign our digital version of the petition to Moreland City Council on Adani.

From a Facebook report by Climate Action Convenor, John Englart on the Street Party:

“Refreshing to see so many other climate related stalls, including FoE Act on Climate, Moreland Extinction Rebellion, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.

“I seemed to notice that there appeared to be more vegan/vegetarian foods being offered as an option although most of the food stalls still had meat. The need to move to more plant based diet might be slowly gaining more attraction. The science is clear that we need to move to more plant based diet for reducing emissions.

“The Peter Khalil (Federal Labor MP for Wills) stall had a chart of issues and asking people to put a red dot beside the most important. When I went past at about 1.30pm climate Change Action was clearly the leading issue.

“Tim Read (State Greens MP for Brunswick) had a petition for closure of Yallourn power station. Also a petition for dedicated cycle lanes on Sydney Road.

“Sydney Road Uniting Church had free cool drinks and scones inside and opportunity to do some climate art. A rainbow banner on the church fence provided an opportunity for people to add post-it note comments.

“I also wandered to Siteworks and browsed the indigenous craft and food stalls here. Bought a little bit of bush tucker – a small kangaroo pie and a cup of iced lemon myrtle tea, which hit the mark on this 32 degree day.

“Then back to the Climate Action Moreland stall collecting more signatures on the petition to Moreland Council to amend their procurement policy on Adani. I was able to get the signature of one present Councillor, and a former Councillor and Mayor.”

strong climate action message from Federal MP Peter Khalil

Federal MP for Wills engaged the public with an issues board, in which members of the public were given one red dot to allocate to the most important issue. The trend was clear fai5rly early in the day, and by the close of the street party climate action was an overwhelming endorsement as a priority issue.

Here is what Peter Khalil had to say on climate action recently on February 16, 2020:

In February 2019, More climate ambition and Stop Adani a clear message from Wills Climate Forum to Mark Butler and Peter Khalil.

The citizens of Wills want our Federal MP to be strongly pro-active for climate action. Peter Khalil, as a Labor MP, has an important role both publicly and within the Federal Parliamentary caucus to push for strong climate action, and strong policies within the ALP.

We note that at a candidates election forum on April 29, 2019, Peter Khalil MP supported gas, backtracks on climate emergency message.

State Greens MP highlights coal still 70% of Victoria’s power

Local State Greens MP for Brunswick, Tim Read, highlighted that coal was still 70 percent of electricity generation (Facebook video) and that the Greens are pushing for an inquiry into pathways for Victoria to reach 100 per cent renewables as soon as possible (Facebook video). Victoria currently has a 50 per cent renewables by 2030 target.

Some climate related photos of the Sydney Road Street Party:

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Moreland plans well on track to meet Net Zero by 2050 climate target Inquiry on achieving 100 percent renewables passed by Victorian State Parliament

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