5 Principles for a Just Covid Response and a #JustRecovery

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Climate Action Moreland has joined a global call on response to addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, and also called on the Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers for no evictions.

We ask that all governments, and the MPs and Councillors that represent our community, use these principles as the basis for decisions they make in coming months as the crisis unfolds.

The Choices we make today will shape our society, economy, health and climate for decades to come. Climate justice also requires socisl justice and health justice.

The organisations who have signed on call for a united global response to this COVID-19 pandemic that ensures a just recovery and transition to a better future for those most in need in the wake of this crisis.

An ad will be placed in the Financial Times on Thursday 26th of March. Over 250 organisations have already signed the statement in just a few days.

The Open Letter
The COVID-19 pandemic demands swift and unprecedented action from national governments and the international community.

Choices being made right now will shape our society for years, if not decades to come.

As decision-makers take steps to ensure immediate relief and long-term recovery, it is imperative that they consider the interrelated crises of wealth inequality, racism, and ecological decline – notably the climate crisis, which were in place long before COVID-19, and now risk being intensified.

This is a time to be decisive in saving lives, and bold in charting a path to a genuinely healthier and more equitable future through a Just Recovery.

We, the undersigned organisations, call for a global response to COVID-19 to contribute to a just recovery. Responses at every level must uphold these five principles:

  • Put people’s health first, no exceptions.
    Resource health services everywhere; ensure access for all.
  • Provide economic relief directly to the people.
    Focus on people and workers – particularly those marginalised in existing systems – our short-term needs and long-term conditions.
  • Help workers and communities, not corporate executives.
    Assistance directed at specific industries must be channeled to communities and workers, not shareholders or corporate executives, and never to corporations whose actions exacerbate the climate crisis.
  • Create resilience for future crises.
    We must create millions of decent jobs that will help power a just recovery and transition for workers and communities to the zero-carbon future we need.
  • Build solidarity and community across borders – don’t empower authoritarians.
    Transfer technology and finance to lower-income countries and communities to allow them to respond using these principles and share solutions across borders and communities. Do not use the crisis as an excuse to trample on human rights, civil liberties, and democracy.

You can read the statement at the 350 website, and sign on as an organisation or individual.

No Evictions in a health crisis petition

Climate Action Moreland has also endorsed a petition for no evictions, joining many other social justice organisations across Australia. There can be no climate justice without social justice, and this requires no evictions during the current public health emergency.

We are a community coalition made up of people and organisations who work with renters and research housing problems. The COVID19 epidemic is a public health crisis that will be made worse by evictions. We call on the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments to ensure no evictions happen during this crisis.

The COVID19 epidemic is causing significant economic harm through the cancellation of events, the disruption of supply chains, and a general reduction in public activity and commerce. Many workers, especially contractors and casual workers, will suffer from lost incomes. Many will fall into rent arrears and be at risk of termination and eviction.

People facing eviction are less able to take actions required to minimise transmission of COVID19, particularly where they become homeless, and will become more vulnerable to illness.

An eviction into homelessness at this time puts great pressure on families and communities in overcrowded homes, crisis accommodation and people sleeping rough. Support services will already be struggling to deal with increased demand and as a community we cannot afford to make it worse.

We call on states and territories to put a stop to evictions.

  • Police and court officers should be directed not to carry out or allow any evictions
  • Public and community housing providers should immediately cease eviction proceedings against their tenants
  • All relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers should make public statements calling on landlords not to begin proceedings to evict any tenant and to offer leniency on arrears
  • Housing departments and councils need to work with shared accommodation providers, including boarding and rooming house operators, to ensure residents are not evicted into more severe homelessness and that their accommodation is healthy
  • This would not apply to individuals removed for perpetrating violence.
  • A temporary eviction moratorium is a necessary measure to prevent the spread of COVID19. The economic costs will need to be shared across the community. Before the stop on evictions is lifted, governments must have a plan to ensure the whole community can recover, and not leave some burdened with debt.

    Australia is in crisis. We need to come together and ensure no one loses their home.

    Petition to Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers: Protect Our Communities: No Evictions During a Health Crisis

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