North-west ward – Moreland Council 2020 election candidate responses on climate

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MorelandVotes NW Ward Zoom Forum


For North-west ward 4 Councillors are to be elected, from 17 candidates. See VEC Moreland City Council 2020 Nominations (link). We will link all candidate responses sent to us and indicate if candidates are aligned with any political party. (See Moreland Council 2020 Election Index)

Ballot packs will be mailed to enrolled citizens between 6-8 October. Ballots need to be returned postmarked before 6pm 23 October. Candidates are listed below by surname alphabetically. They will be listed in a different order on the ballot paper. (See VEC nominations)

BONACCI-ROCCA, Catherine (No Survey Response) (Website | FB )
*DAVIDSON, Helen (IND)(No Survey Response) (Website | FB)
DUZOVA, Baris A. (IND)(Survey Response) (Website | FB )
EL-HALABI, Milad (ALP)(No Survey Response) (Website | FB)
ELMUSTAPHA, Mohamad (IND) (Survey Response)(Website | FB)
GRINDROD, Darren Leslie (No Survey Response) (Website | FB )
HARTE, Monica (Sue Bolton Community IND) (Climate Survey) (Website | FB)
KARANTZALIS, Georgios (No Survey Response) (Website | FB)
KUMAR, Paveen (ALP)(Survey Response) (Website | FB)
MILES, Chris (Animal Justice)(Survey Response) (Website | FB)
MINEHAN, Shaun (Survey Response) (Website | FB )
MULIPOLA, Alesio (No Response) (Website | FB )
PANOPOULOS, Angelica (Greens)(Survey Response) (Website | FB)
PERERA, Shanaka T. (IND) (Survey Response) (Website | FB )
TAYLOR, Daniel (Victorian Socialists)(Survey Response) (Website | FB)
TENACE, Lou (No Response) (Website | FB )
*YILDIZ, Oscar (IND)(Survey Response) (Website | FB)

* – an asterisk before name signifies a current councillor standing for re-election. If a candidate has no information after their name it may indicate they did not provide email contact details to the VEC or failed to respond to our survey. If a candidate has no party affiliation or (IND) after their name, it indicates we could find no declared information whether they were running as an independant or otherwise. At time of publishing some candidates had no public candidate Facebook page or website.

North West Ward Climate and Sustainability Election Forum

The Candidate forum was held 7pm-8.30pm Tuesday 29 September 2020.


We approached all 17 candidates to attend this forum. Seven Candidates were able to attend, with 4 apologies, and six no response after multiple attempts to contact candidates.

We asked as people registered to attend the zoom meeting that they could register a question which we passed to the chair. We also were monitoring the zoom chat to pass late questions to the chair. Each candidate was given 2 minutes at the start to explain who they are, and 1 minute at the end to sum up. The Chair put questions to the candidates. Answers to questions were limited to one minute. 14 questions were asked in total. Some questions were directed at particular candidates, some were directed to two or three candidates, and a few to all candidates. Every candidate had the opportunity to answer 6-7 questions. Unfortunately we had more questions than could be put to candidates in the time available.

Here is the list of candidate attendance at the forum:

Apology Catherine BONACCI-ROCCA (IND)
Apology Helen DAVIDSON, (IND) (Recontesting Councillor)
No response Baris A. DUZOVA, (IND)
Apology Milad EL-HALABI, (Labor)
No response Mohamad ELMUSTAPHA, (IND)
Attending Darren Leslie GRINDROD,  (IND)
Attending Monica HARTE, (Sue Bolton Community IND)
No response Georgios KARANTZALIS, (IND)
Attending Paveen KUMAR, (Labor)
Attending Chris MILES, (Animal Justice Party)
Apology Shaun MINEHAN, (IND)
No response Alesio MULIPOLA, (IND)
Attending Angelica PANOPOULOS, (Greens)
Attending Shanaka T. PERERA, (IND) 
Attending Daniel TAYLOR,  (Victorian Socialists)
No response Lou TENACE, (IND)
Late Apology Oscar YILDIZ, (IND) (Recontesting Councillor)



Climate Survey of all candidates

Climate Action Moreland has been informing the citizens of Moreland on candidate climate positions for the last decade. We are joined by Neighbours United for Climate Action and Brunswick Residents Network in organising online meet the candidate forums for each ward for the Moreland Council election 2020.

We asked that candidates for Moreland Council fill in the survey and we undertook to publish the results in the election campaign. There are 22 questions, many of them locally focussed on climate action and sustainability, many requiring quite a thoughtful response. The first 6 questions focussed on Candidate details, campaign funding, existing connections in Moreland, and political affiliation. Question 7 to 20 focussed on climate issues. Questioon 21 asked what their 4 main priorities would be. Question 22 was for any other general comments or comments on climate leadership.

You can read each candidate’s full response or read their comment responses to specific questions below.

The candidates that responded to the survey: (Click on the candidate name for their full response)

1 Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independants) 10/5/2020 6:31 AM
2 Baris Duzova (IND)
3 Praveen Kumar (Labor) 10/3/2020 8:21 PM
4 Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists) 9/30/2020 8:07 PM
5 Shaun Minehan (IND) 9/27/2020 5:42 PM
6 Shanaka Perera (IND) 9/26/2020 9:50 PM
7 Angelica Panopoulos (GREENS) 9/26/2020 8:56 PM
8 Chris Miles (ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY) 9/26/2020 5:59 PM
9 Oscar Yildiz (IND) 9/20/2020 9:25 PM
10 Mohamad Elmustapha (IND) 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Find below comment responses to specific questions:

Q4 If you are receiving campaign funding for this election, who are you receiving funding from? (list all or state ‘None’) Answered: 8 Skipped: 0

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): Individual and community donations, Socialist Alliance, approaches to Trade Unions 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND) None

Praveen Kumar (Labor): As an endorsed candidate, the Labor Party provides support but not in the form of cash funds which are gathered through community fund raising.

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): I’m receiving funding from the Victorian Socialists, as well as from donations from residents and supporters. I am not taking any donations from property developers or other harmful industries.

Shaun Minehan (IND): None

Shanaka Perera (IND): None

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): I am receiving donations from Greens supporters and members of the community. Unlike other parties, the Greens do not accept donations from property developers, the gambling lobby, or the pokies, mining, alcohol or tobacco industries. This way integrity is ensured in all decisions made. Additionally, donations over $1500 are publicly declared.

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): my party has raised money for my campaign

Oscar Yildiz (IND): None

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): None

Q7 Triple bottom line accounting brings to account three domains that we need for a good life. They are economic, environmental and social which includes health. Do you commit as a Councillor for Council to use triple bottom line accounting on all Council infrastructure projects and will you try to ensure that climate emergency is embedded in every Manager’s performance plan?
Answered: 9 Skipped: 0

Q8 Transport: Upfield Rail Upgrade – Problems with parking and traffic congestion, capacity issues of public transport (once the pandemic passes) necessitate solutions for upgrading the Upfield Line. According to Infrastructure Australia, the northern region Transport Corridor will reach and exceed capacity in the next decade. Will you support duplication and extension of the Upfield rail line to Craigieburn and Wallan for provision of a more reliable and frequent rail service catering for the growing population in Moreland and residents in new growth suburbs further north?
Answered: 10 Skipped: 0

Q9 Transport: Tram Network Extension: As a Councillor will you support ongoing advocacy for the Victorian State Government to extend the No 58 West Coburg Tram along Derby street in Pascoe Vale, and No 19 North Coburg tram routes further north along Sydney Road to Campbellfield?
Answered: 10 Skipped: 0

Q10. Transport: Mode shift – What actions will you be pushing for to facilitate a mode shift to more sustainable modes of transport in Moreland as part of, or beyond, Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS), including changes to parking restrictions, increasing public transport advocacy, cycling and walking infrastructure?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): The key focus is integration , and central to that is public transport. It is nearly 30 years since the fight to save our Upfield Line was won. We had successive State Governments planning to rip up railway lines,a strong road lobby, and a struggle to put public transport on the agenda. Struggle and campaigns are critical for our public transport infrastructure to now grow. Population density demands increased PT frequency, Upfield duplication, train and tram line extensions. Community campaigns and Council advocacy are the energy and fuel for sustained pressure on State Government. It is a northern issue with a need for combined advocacy with adjoining councils . Advocacy.for Increases to east west bus infrastructure , night and weekend services , especially in NW ward is critical . Council has done a lot of work on cycling , budgets needs to be maintained for improvements to cycling infrastructure in the north Craigieburn ,Upfield paths, Glenroy /Coburg. Walking means looking at areas of walking safety eg. , footpath infrastructure , risks area , lighting and safety on access to stations., especially in NW, ,Integration is key , but MITS is not balanced in reflecting the realities of the diverse transport needs of the community. We are a large municipality within a large city. There is not equitable transport access across Moreland. There are diverse needs. Many do not work in the city, or regular hours . The needs of families are complex. Community consultation around parking restrictions is essential , not measures which discriminate or penalise. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): I believe MITS should be revised to better suit the needs of different groups of residents in Moreland. In addition to the extension of the Upfield line and no. 58 & no.19 trams I also support the addition of further bus routes and increasing the frequency of buses on existing routes for more accessible transport options within Moreland. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor) Moreland Labor supports sustainable modes of transport advocacy but does not support the MITS as it is a punitive approach which is not inclusive of a diverse community and penalises those who are less able. The MITS sets sustainable transport options in competition with each other and is and will have long term detrimental impacts on our urban amenity. In fact it discriminates against members of our community and those from other communities who contribute to ours through work or commerce. Carbon footprint should not be measured on the contribution of one sector but rather as a holistic approach . 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists) We must campaign for the extension of both the 19 and 58 tram lines, as well as the duplication and extension of the Upfield line to increase transport options for people who live north of Bell St, where public transport options are limited. Council should also campaign for increased, more reliable, bus services. In some parts of the NW ward, such as Gowenbrae, there are no busses after 7pm on a weeknight, and none at all on Sunday. Free, fast, and reliable public transport is what we need. Improving cycling infrastructure is also crucial – I’m concerned that some proposed developments, such as the Bunnings development in South Ward, will disrupt existing bike paths and routes, making cycling less safe in the area. There should be extensive community consultation before any changes are made to parking restrictions. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Walking infrastructure is especially poor in parts of Hadfield, Glenroy and Gowanbrae. I will support capital works funding to fix this. Paint is not infrastructure and if elected I will vote on Council to create cycling paths that provide the user with a better cycling experience. I will also advocate for healthy, everyday cycling as the best transport option and work with advocacy groups to end policies that discourage cycling such as mandatory helmet laws. I note the Greens Party for some reason support mandatory helmet laws. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I don’t agree with the MITS as it currently stands but I would want an integrated transport strategy to embrace technological trends as it pertains to all modes of transport, including cars, such as infrastructure to support 24 hour driverless cars, trams, buses, etc in an integrated, technology-driven framework. This is where I see the future of transport heading and much of the technology already exists but needs supporting infrastructure to work (e.g. driverless, battery powered cars). 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): I am committed to working with the community to ensure that MITS is implemented effectively. A core component of this is ensuring that pedestrian, biking and public transport infrastructure is adequately invested in and funded. The Greens Councillors have successfully led the push to double the per head spend on bike and pedestrian infrastructure in this current Council term. The Greens will maintain this momentum, particularly given the Covid pandemic, where we are increasingly relying on our open spaces and social distancing is required. I am especially passionate about strong advocacy for improved public transport services. We need public transport to be a frequent, reliable, safe and affordable alternative to driving. Take the 542 bus route, for example. It is one such bus that takes you to the Broadmeadows shopping centre, the Pascoe Vale Road shops in Glenroy, Pascoe Vale station and numerous strip shops along the way. This is an incredibly useful bus route. However, it often comes once every 50 minutes. The last service from Pascoe Vale Station on a weeknight, is at 7:32pm. This isn’t good enough. As a thriving region, we need services to run at least once every 15 minutes. We need specific night shuttle services. We need more visibility and safety measures introduced around our train stations and bus terminals, so that when we are using them after dark, we feel safe. As a young woman just living in this area, I indeed understand some of the barriers to using active transport and that these need to be addressed to achieve mode shift. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): as a cyclist we need to make cycling safer so more people will use it as a way of getting from A to B 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I believe we need more funding for public transport including the duplication of the Upfield line including the extension of the North Coburg Tram and Melville Rd Tram. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): Actions that I would push for to facilitate for a more sustainable mode of transport, is to create more bike tracks on our roads and provide clear, smooth walking tracks for people to walk on safely. I would also promote the use of public transport to decrease the amount of vehicles on the road to decrease congestion and allow for more safer travel. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Q11. Heat Vulnerability: Large sections of Moreland’s north are at the extreme end of the Heat Vulnerability Index, meaning residents are very susceptible to global warming. What will you do to address this beyond exisiting policies, including Moreland Urban Heat Island Effect Action Plan (Word Doc 48MB), Moreland Urban Forest Strategy 2017-2017 (PDF 9MB), Cooling the Upfield Corridor Action Plan?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): Increasing green spaces and creation of tree canopy , is critical. Planting of trees in our streets , valuing our trees so that in development and infrastructure projects retention of trees, particularly mature trees is seen as priority. Each development , small or large , frequently seems to mean a loss of permeable space. I would support addressing this more in planning regulations . 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): I believe that Moreland City Council should do everything within its power. As a councillor I will work to educate our community on the negative impacts on climate change. I will also engage with officials from all levels of government to ensure that we can access the funding needed to develop a more sustainable Moreland. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): We as Moreland Labor team are extremely supportive of these plans and believe they should be extended and developed further. In addition there are other measures that could be developed including alternative energy options and funding for more infrastructure investments by all levels of government to help members of our community to take up alternative options 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Land surface temperatures of over 52 degrees have been recoreded in Moreland, making addressing heat vulnerability a crucial task on a burning planet. Given limited vegetation is a key contributor, Council should rapidly increase vegetation projects, including mature aged trees which can have an immediate impact. Council should reduce the felling of mature trees in the area. The loss of mature trees in Gandolfo Gardens, and other spots along the Upfield line, was a terrible outcome for urban cooling and biodiversity in Moreland. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): These policies have taken much work and we are lucky to have them in Moreland. What is missing is education of residents in regards to what the Heat Vulnerability Index actually is. I’d like to look at ways that Council can empower each resident to leaner more about the urban heat island effect and empower them with strategies to make a difference. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I want to advocate for Council supporting/subsidising or facilitating double glazed windows for houses. Similarly, I want a program where people can add the cost of solar to their rates notice through an interest free period so people do not have to pay up-front, but have a schedule of payments. If the house is sold, the new owner would take on any remaining payments. I also feel that people will take more ownership of the environment if they are allowed to plant their own trees and plants on the nature strip, including exotic trees like Jacarandas. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): As Greens Councillors, we’ll be advocating to push Council investment in assisting the community to access options that can reduce ecological footprint/emissions, whilst improving education and behaviour change. Three new Moreland Council staff have recently been employed to implement the overarching Moreland Zero Carbon: Climate Emergency strategy. The City’s goal is zero community emissions by 2040. In order to achieve this goal, working with the community, industry and other governments, is essential. Monitoring these policies/strategies listed above is a key part of addressing existing policy implementation. Exploring the research and evidence, the science, and the climate sector’s advice on how to make a real difference as a local government, is critical to be an effective Councillor or group of Councillors. We are hoping to have a strong Greens presence to collaborate with and effect change and pivot for new initiatives. It’s important to be leapfrogging old technologies and boldly exploring new renewable technologies to demonstrate to the community how we can make change and provide hope. At the heart of Greens initiatives is ensuring that reducing, re-using, repairing and recycling is at the core of Council’s work. Some more specifics are as follows: – Exploring initiatives like micro grids and community energy initiatives. – Tackling the major issue re transport emissions and the transformation needed there. – Giving greater import to ensure permeable open space is given greater weight in urban planning applications. – The Greens have led the initiative for a new Environmentally Sustainable Design 2.0 tool kit for the planning scheme. – Working with CASBE and other Councils to lobby the Local Government Minister to improve the low standards currently being used in new buildings. – Lobbying the federal government re its building code, to improve the standards and ensure they are more ‘climate proof’ for current buildings and the next generation. – Identifying resources to enable much needed trials to lead and test the way ahead in new initiatives to reduce the heat island effect. – Increased funding to educate and promote behaviour change to address the problem too. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change so I would push for a reduction and a move away from it. 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I will continue to lobby those Councillors who don’t appreciate or understand the impact of the global warming on our community and ensure the local MP’s are also fighting and taking action on this issue. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): I would advertise the use of more sustainable, biodegradable products to use in our everyday lives. I would also prioritize educating our people on the effects of pollution and climate change and how we can prevent and reduce it. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Q12. Waste Management. Moreland aims to be a leading council in sustainable waste management, yet its rate of diverting waste to organics and recycling sits just above the state average. What will you do to help Moreland in the rollout of the Food and Garden Organics Collection Service, and achieve Moreland’s 2030 zero waste to landfill target as part of Zero Carbon in the Planning Scheme – ESD Policy v2.0?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): Waste reduction and elimination is critical. Recycling is not a panacea. Council can have a real impact at local level of waste management but not in a vacuum without wider Government regulation around industry which drives the creation of waste. Waste has become a issue in this election around fortnightly bin collections. It can be an opportunity for community engagement . Everyone is conscious of waste, even if not articulated . How we can reduce waste individually and as a community, eg., options for fixing electrical appliances , how apartments may best organise collective bins, options for organic waste, how do we understand the specific needs of larger households families . Councillors pay a significant role in how they promote the need to address waste , and listen to community and advocate for industry regulation and change. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): The Food and Garden Organics Collection Service is a great initiative of the council but we need to further educate our residents on the details of the program, increasing collections can also be considered to provide a more cleaner, efficient and sustainable program. In relation to the Zero Carbon target one of key promises is to introduce incentives for residents and business to shift to more sustainable sources of energy and more sustainable waste management habits. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): We support this goal but again believe it requires community education and support to include the diverse needs and capabilities of our community. The Food and Garden organics collection Service may need more regular collection to ensure hygiene issues are complied with particularly in the summer months 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): The food and organics waste collection service should not be an opt-in service. Bins should be provided to all residents without question to encourage ease of use. Council can increase use of hydrogen waste collection vehicles as well can assist in reducing emissions. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Id like to start a consultation with residents and more importantly Owners corporations, building managers etc to see how these strategies can be rolled out in apartment buildings. We could also do more at our local shopping strips with food and organic waste bins at these locations. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I think all Councils should band together and fund a state-of-the-art waste/recycling sorting centre that uses robots and artificial intelligence to sort through contaminated rubbish. The technology already exists and can achieve faster and more accurate sorting of waste to a point where people could just use one bin for all their waste and it can be sorted properly by machine. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): The waste strategy is sadly behind where it was planned to be at by now. This is for a number of reasons. It has frustrated Greens Councillors and disappointed too. The plan now is to roll out the new FOGO (food and garden organics) collection service by early 2022. This is not meeting community expectations, when other Councils have done this already in 2020. The change includes reducing landfill bin pick ups to a fortnightly regime, with FOGO pick up being weekly. The need to include a new glass bin option (Vic Government has finally taken a bold measure by 2023!) is also being factored into this rollout plan. The one advantage with this delay is that it will enable greater engagement and increased likelihood of much needed education and behaviour change which we hope will see a marked improvement in compliance (ie, not contaminating bins with the incorrect items)! 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): green bins for all properties and the banning of single use plastics items to be sold and used. example balloons and cutlery 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I believe educating the community is key and if elected I will do everything I can to ensure our messages are communicated effectively with residents. We need to ensure at a macro level that we engage the community to buy in and appreciate the impact that poor recycling can have on our planet. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): To advertise recycling techniques and how we can reuse and make the most of products that we have. Promote a sustainable cycle of products so that they don’t contribute to the landfill, rather they are reused by others in need. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Q13. Energy Efficiency and Renewables. Moreland has a goal of “Efficient and 100% renewably powered energy”. Yet Moreland has one of Victoria’s lowest uptake of solar PV. How can Moreland “walk the talk” on renewable energy and meet the community goals set in the Zero Carbon Moreland – Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): Take up of Solar , through raised community awareness of options , re loans, bulk purchases to reach all communities, and exploration for other incentives /grants/ support. As part of longer term strategy exploring options such as community grids . 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): As stated above, one of my key campaign promises is to provide incentives to residents and business to adopt renewable energy source, e.g. rate rebates for residents that install solar panel. I will also advocate for the Council to replace its existing vehicle fleet with more efficient, if possible electric, vehicles. By taking these small but effective steps the council can lead as an example for the community. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): There needs to be more subsidies for people to take up Solar PV. Also there needs to be more education within community about the financial and health benefits involved. We absolutely support this goal in our policy working towards a carbon neutral community. There needs to be more support in terms of information and mentoring in addition to consideration of the varying concerns. Design and passive solar is able to have a significant impact in reducing emissions. 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Over 30% of Moreland residents are renters, this is undoubtedly a barrier to installing solar PV. Landlords and developers are keen to spend as little as possible on rental properties, maximising their profits. Council should continue to support social and low income housing residents to access solar PV, including advocating on behalf of renters where necessary. Council owned and operated facilities should continue to be upgraded to be as energy efficient as possible. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Id like to see Moreland Council and Councillors advocate the State Government to make solar mandatory on rental properties. Renters are often supportive of these plans but unable to act and are beholden to the landlords wishes (usually no). 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): Attach the cost of solar to the rates notice so people do not have to pay upfront costs. Darebin Council achieved this through their Solar Saver program so there is precedence. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): The Council Plan was to use the Energy Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) facility, that businesses have had access to for many years, for private residents. However, the Victorian Government needed to amend the state laws to facilitate this. These changes only occurred in early 2020, so Council has been constrained by this. The good news is that Council has now allocated funding for low income households to access thermal efficiency improvements/upgrades and solar installations in the July 2020/21 budget. The newly employed officers will facilitate these initiatives along with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF – formerly MEFL which has been a leader in this space at local government level for many years). While this is not nearly enough, it has started, and we expect the new Council will be in a stronger position (COVID recession, notwithstanding) to increase the uptake and options for residents, be they owners or renters. The Council is working collaboratively with local community groups to support them in their work to educate the community and support residents that wish to make changes big or small. The Moreland Good Climate Network (established after the catastrophic fires of 2019/20) is a great example of what the community and Council can do collaboratively. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): I think it would need to be part of the building regulations that all new structures will need to have solar 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): Same as the answer above in terms of educating our community about the positive impact of solar on our environment. Most residents are tuned into WIIFM What’s In It For Me, if we can ensure that residents see the value of solar then I believe more will undertake the various offers. Subsidising and ensuring utility companies are returning good feeding tariffs are also important for the uptake. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): Promote and install renewable and efficient electricity appliances in homes and make it a rule to have products that have high amount of stars for efficiency. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Q14. Pollution and litter: How will you educate and incentivise business in industrial zones (especially in the North East Ward) to avoid pollution and litter from entering our drains and our creek systems?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): There is a role for Council in developing a model where officers work with and develop relationships with business and EPA to help monitor and be proactive in above solutions. Where there is resistance form business it is a pretty clear indicator of a likely compliance problem . Combined strategies of support to assist compliance and penalties for non compliance go hand in glove. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): The council can work with existing state and federal authorities to first of all ensure that businesses are following guidelines and regulations. Secondly, we must engage in an education program for businesses to help them understand what their responsibilities are. Finally, any businesses found breaching these laws should be punished to the full extent of the law, where we can the city council should work with authorities to hold them accountable for their actions. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): Proper education programs with supervision ,interaction and support will assist to avoid pollution and litter entering our drains and our creek systems 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Businesses who dump and pollute need to face real punishment. It is not enough for businesses, particularly repeat offenders, to simply be warned against dumping. Toxic fires, like those we’ve seen this year in Campbellfield, also add to industrial pollution in our creeks. Council must advocate for harsher penalties for businesses who pollute and dump in our waterways. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Punitive measures go some way but are rarely the answer. Id like to see Business Moreland take a lead here. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I’m not sure, although helping businesses take pride in the environment they operate in can be through education such as showing pictures/video from heavily polluted countries and reminding them of their corporate responsibility. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): The Greens are keen to see more on-ground signage indicating that what goes down the drain or street, ends up in our waterways and our bay/oceans. People need to know that their actions and inactions have a wider impact. This should be combined with more community education around micro-plastics and their impacts. The Greens are committed to exploring any levers that Council may have to incentivise businesses and industries to do the right thing, without relying heavily on punitive measures. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): banning single use items and maybe a rate cute to businesses who don’t use or give out single use items 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): It’s really disappointing to find some organisations are resorting to poor practices and some continue to pollute our creeks and water ways. I believe the EPA have a massive obligation and we need to work closely with them and literally knock on every door of those businesses who could be a risk for such pollution. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): By making sure they are trained to correctly dispose of goods and products to ensure they do not enter our drains and our creek systems, and if so to give them a penalty if they are incorrectly disposing of their products and goods. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM

Q15. Supporting business and the environment as part of Covid Recovery
What actions will you take to help Council promote environmentally sustainable jobs as part of a Covid recovery such as by possible development of large abandoned sites for a sustainability hub (such as former Kangan TAFE automotive campus)?
How else will you advocate for supporting small business Covid recovery that includes environmental co-benefits?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): How we think about COVID recovery is critical. We can not just eat our way out of it, though opening up flexibility with outdoor dining important. Good equitable consultation important. We need look at who is impacted so we get some really meaningful projects and ideas .that are underpinned by some key principles related to community benefit , one of which would be the environment . 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): Large abandoned developments should be, in cooperation with the state government, utilised for the good fo the community. I won’t comment on exactly what or how as I believe this should be determined after extensive consultations with the community. Once again I would provide businesses with incentives to adopt environmentally beneficial practices on the road to recovery, e.g. through rate rebates or cutting bureaucratic red tape. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): Developing and increasing the services of the Business Incubation Hub to the North of Moreland to help assist new entrepreneurs to establish and help establish businesses to flourish. Encourage and provide grants to businesses that adopt environmentally friendly practices 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Abandoned sites should be used for initiatives such as a sustainability hub. Council should also advocate for the creation of a recycling plant in Moreland, providing jobs in the area -something desperately needed in this period of crisis. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Id like business owners to thnk about the longer term benefits of environmentally sustainable jobs before they begin a recruitment process. Id like to see incentives for local cafes and restaurants to promote walking/cycling when they reopen. Sensible changes to infrastructure is critical here. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): My platform for Council requires there to be a clear and transparent cost/benefit analysis so that every dollar of public funds invested in an initiative or action has a clear return on investment. I would only support proposed actions that actually do provide a positive return. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): Moreland does not have its own waste recovery site within its boundaries. The city relies on other Councils to provide this service and on private waste transfer sites. The federal and state governments have the resources and powers to introduce measures of this size and importance. Land, like Kangan TAFE, is expensive and not part of Council’s assets. Were the Vic Government open to a partnership to utilise this facility to support sustainable industries, the Greens would be eager to explore this and support such an outcome, or similar. At a special Council meeting on 21/9/20 councillors voted to support funding for outdoor dining and related initiatives, including using car spaces and vacant land to facilitate eateries as they re-open, as the virus spread is brought under control. Furthermore: – The Victorian Greens are calling on the Vic Government to invest in COVID recovery plans including shopping strip renewals and shopping locally. – The Victorian Greens have also called on the Vic Government to invest in 23 new or expanded recycling factories by 2025 to meet the state’s needs and ensure high recycling rates and new jobs. It would be good for Moreland or the region to host one of these recycling factories. – Advocating for small businesses to be supported is an easy ask of Council, making it effective and implementable is the challenge. – The Greens would be keen to work on and develop such programs and outcomes that provide direct benefits for the community. Without these measures we won’t meet the City’s zero emissions goal by 2040. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): I think a grants system for new business and existing that are environmentally sustainable to help keep them going through to the other side 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I think Councillors play a very important role and with the CEO they can ensure that we continue to be champions in this space. This site could be another CERES but it requires the State MP to buy in, I’m baffled as to why this space has been left idle for over 20 years and the state is not prepared to act on it. Sad and very frustrating. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND):: No comment.

Q16. Food Security
How would you address food security in Moreland beyond the existing Moreland Food System Strategy? (including as a part of the clean Covid recovery)?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): I am a crisis and and homelessness worker and have been present throughout every phase of this pandemic to the multiple needs and pressures that have been faced. In the area where I have work we have been part of ensuring the most basic need of food could be met. What it has shown to me is the vulnerability of all of us, as something quickly changes, though many more vulnerable than others. The combination of initiatives such as community gardens , community food hubs, food bank helps build shared community and resilience as part of addressing food security .The ideas are there , local councillors can help facilitate and be a part of .the growing of these projects in the north. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): The council must work with local community groups which have an in-depth understanding of the needs of each local suburb. We must increase funding to such community groups and other initiatives such as community garden, but also assist them with accessing funds and grants from higher levels of government. Finally, we must educate our residents about such programs and better advertise them to the community, which will enable members who have a desire and the ability to help out to do so. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): Provision of more educational programs in various languages to help diverse communities to be involved in the. Providing additional funding for community groups to reach out to diverse groups will help 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): I support the establishment of a community food hub in the north of Moreland, and support more council initiatives to provide food to residents going without. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): This is a much larger issue than people realise. There is significant potential to work with residents groups in Gowanbrae and Glenroy ro scope potential sites for small to medium scale community gardens. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I would like to see Council create and sustain networks within food supply chain networks to redistribute surplus food as needed. Australia has enough food to feed itself and export food around the world but the main bottleneck is waste, ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables and other irrational behaviours that leads to a lot of good food being wasted when it could be redistributed. One thing that Council does not address is that food insecurity is compounded by pride/shame; many vulnerable communities feel ashamed to receive what they perceive as handouts. There needs to be a better way of providing food relief without the shame many people have to be suffering poverty to a point where they do not have secure access to food. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): The Greens led the work in updating the Food Systems Strategy in the 2016-20 term, under the leadership of Cr Natalie Abboud. Further support for the recently established Northern Food Community Hub, is needed, including initiatives in the urban agriculture domain brining employment and enterprise prospects and other benefits too. The Greens will continue to support and resource the establishment of new community garden spaces and nature strips across the city. Follow up on Cr Dorney’s recent work in the Council chamber to facilitate nature strip and laneway options for greening and food options will also be undertaken. We will also advocate for additional funding of the Moreland Nature Plan to ensure it meets its goals, and that species are protected and saved. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): freeing up nature strips and parts of parks that tend not to be used as places for the community as free to use to grow their own food like they have been doing in the UK 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I think the Meals on Wheels service can be expanded and funding for this service can help expand it to other needy areas of the city. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND):: No comment.

Q17 Food Security. The IPCC Special Report on Land and Climate Change Summary for Policy makers (2020) articulates major emissions reduction can be achieved from adopting a primarily plant based diet (B6.2). Will you advocate for public health policies that promote proper nutrition and dietary change by Moreland residents as per the IPCC (C2.4)?
Answered: 10 Skipped: 0 (candidates were asked to rank this on a scale of 1 to 100.)

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): 80 per cent
Baris Duzova (IND): 75 per cent
Praveen Kumar (Labor): 80 per cent
Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): 100 per cent
Shaun Minehan (IND): 90 per cent
Shanaka Perera (IND): 0 per cent
Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): 99 per cent
Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): 100 per cent
Oscar Yildiz (IND): 100 per cent
Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): 100 per cent

Q18. Buildings, Biodiversity and Urban cooling: What would you do as a Councillor to ensure that with new building developments, Moreland has sufficient vegetation cover to contribute to biodiversity outcomes and urban cooling beyond exisiting policies in the Urban Forest Strategy, Moreland Nature Plan, and the Achieving Zero Carbon in the Planning Scheme – ESD Policy v2.0 project?

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): Development that includes open green space, trees, permeable surfaces, . 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): I will ensure that any developments meet these targets by developing strategies to reduce emissions and their impact on the environment of the area. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor): Passive solar is crucial in design including outside sun deflection and inclusion responding to seasonal changes. Facilities should be provided to be less energy dependent such as alternative clothes drying facility. Also council need to assist new developments to take up designs that help Biodiversity and Urban cooling 10/3/2020 8:21 PM

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): New building developments should be required through the planning scheme to include sufficient green spaces, including mature trees to assist urban cooling. Developments that do include these spaces should not be approved by council. Climate change is a significant threat to biodiversity. Council planning for green spaces should take into account biodiversity needs. Council should also provide funding and support to community groups engaged in crucial biodiversity conservation projects in the area. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Id be interested to see if the Planning Committee can make any changes to ensure developers have a greater awareness of these plans prior to submitting their applications. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): Request a comprehensive landscaping/vegetation plan and require a much larger deposit to be held so that developers can’t suddenly go bankrupt and not finish off landscaping works like they did in Duranta Drive in Gowanbrae. Council should also verify each development to see that stated works were actually completed instead of relying on third party private surveyors. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): Greens on Council will work to: – Ensure more resources are allocated to education for the community regarding the benefits of trees and their cover and the extent of the loss of trees and this impact in the private realm. – Advocate for adequate funding of the Moreland Nature Plan to ensure it meets its goals. – Ensuring that the ESD Policy 2.0 project is undertaken, monitored and then approved quickly by the Planning Minister, without the usual delays. – Continue to promote the nomination of additional trees to the Significant Tree Register. – Look to further support the Urban Forest Strategy to meet the targets or stretch (where additional resources can be found). – Explore with the community other measures to reach the goals and measures in these policies/strategies. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): as I am a painter as my full time job one thing that is often overlooked is the color being used as light color reflect heat and dark color absorb them. so potentially encouraging the use of light colors on the exterior of luger building 9/26/2020 5:59 PM

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I have no issue with this question and I beleive developers must reflect the above policies in their developments. I’m confident developers have come to appreciate and understand the impact they can have on the environment and most adhere to such policies. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): No comment

Q19 Cement Emissions. Use of Portland Cement contributes to 8% of global emissions. Alternative low emissions/zero emission cement products are available at reasonably competitive rates. Will you commit to amending Moreland Council Procurement policy sustainability filter to purchase low carbon/zero emissions cement/concrete products?
Answered: 9 Skipped: 0

Q20 Climate Citizen Assemblies: Under the new Local Government Act 2020 (community engagement policy), all councils in Victoria are required to use deliberative practices for the development of their Community Vision, Council Plan, Financial Plan and Asset Plan, at the bare minimum. The gold standard of this kind of democratic, deliberative practice is a Citizens’ Assembly. So, will you support such a democratic framework for Council’s climate emergency response by establishing a Citizens’ Assembly?
Answered: 10 Skipped: 0

Q21. What are your top four priorities for the Council Plan to be formulated for 2021-2025.

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents):
Priority 1 – Placing community consultation and community need as central plank of Council governance , to ensure
resident rights and voices are not traded off or not sought
Priority 2 – Establishing a broad inclusive vision of our transport needs and addresses urgent infrastructure needs which encourages srt needs
Priority 3 – Retain community Aged Care and disability services, opposing privatistion
Priority 4 – Appropriate development, open green space and trees

Baris Duzova (IND):
Priority 1 – Supporting residents and businesses during the path to recover out of COVID
Priority 2 – A council that listens to the grievances and needs of its residents
Priority 3 – A greener and sustainable Moreland
Priority 4 – Increased regulations for new developments to ensure they do not negatively impact our residents

Praveen Kumar (Labor):
Priority 1 – Promoting initiatives for a Local environment recovery
Priority 2 – Encourage sustainable development
Priority 3 – Advocate for funding services such as Childcare, mental Health services and quality aged care
Priority 4 – Oppose unfair parking changes and advocate for more safety and safety

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists)::
Priority 1 – Stopping inappropriate development
Priority 2 – Divesting Council from fossil fuels
Priority 3 – Standing against discrimination such as racism
Priority 4 – Retaining council run services and reversing privitisation

Shaun Minehan (IND):
Priority 1 – Determine the best way for Moreland to continue supporting our community throughout, and after Aged Care & NDIS reforms
Priority 2 – Better equip our young people for employment and provide opportunities to actively participate in civic life
Priority 3 – Increase tree canopy cover, enhance existing open space and create at least two new parks in areas with the lowest access to open space
Priority 4 – Set a clear vision and strategy for aquatics, leisure and sporting facilities to meet ongoing community needs

Shanaka Perera (IND):
Priority 1 – Lowering of rates in response to the recession
Priority 2 – Fast-tracking of infrastrucure projects to stimulate the local economy
Priority 3 – Continuation of council-provided aged care
Priority 4 – Fair and inclusive traffic enforcement

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens):
Priority 1 – Renew our local shopping strips
Priority 2 – Increase the community’s ability to enjoy their local area through traffic calming and visibility measures
Priority 3 – Support the community, businesses and residents to properly address the climate emergency
Priority 4 – Lead a ‘green investment’ recovery effort in the wake of Covid-19

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party):
Priority 1 – zero convenience killing of animals in the care of the pound
Priority 2 – safer cycling
Priority 3 – meals on wheels for pets
Priority 4 – A gold standed of building so that new apartment blocks will last 100yres not 10 as example

Oscar Yildiz (IND):
Priority 1 – Supporting The Community to Recover From Covid
Priority 2 – Connecting with Residents
Priority 3 – Being a forward thinking progressive city
Priority 4 – Being a responsibe Council

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): Did not complete.

Q22. Do you have any other comments on Council Climate Leadership and Advocacy (include any actions you have taken on this)? Do you have any supplementary comments relating to the questions above, comments on other issues related to climate change not covered, or comments on climate change generally?

Baris Duzova (IND): I appreciate the work that you and other similar groups for a cleaner, greener and sustainable Moreland. We must work to educate our residents on the potential impacts of climate change and provide them with alternatives to reduce their impact on the environment. But before all of this, the council needs to lead by example and actually put into effect all these plans it had published. While supporting the development of our area we must also protect our environment, by reducing our emissions and the protection & expansion of our green spaces. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): The role for Council is in leading . This is multi pronged. It is by advocacy to other tiers of Government , leadership in terms of Councils own initiatives and policy , such as procurement , divestment policies , ending of use of fossil fuels, and meaningful consultation and work with community on local policies and implementation to create is a spirit of ownership , participation and equity in the creation of a sustainable future. These are big challenges, in a world changing rapidly . We are fortunate to have a plethora of individuals with skills , a wealth of knowledge and community organisations providing major leadership in Climate Action. . A resource to be harnessed by Council .Thank you for your survey CAM. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM

Baris Duzova (IND): I appreciate the work that you and other similar groups for a cleaner, greener and sustainable Moreland. We must work to educate our residents on the potential impacts of climate change and provide them with alternatives to reduce their impact on the environment. But before all of this, the council needs to lead by example and actually put into effect all these plans it had published. While supporting the development of our area we must also protect our environment, by reducing our emissions and the protection & expansion of our green spaces. 10/4/2020 11:08 PM

Praveen Kumar (Labor):: No Comment.

Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Protecting green spaces, biodiversity, making Moreland act like we are in a climate
emergency, means having first rate instead of compromised policies. This means taking on big polluting companies, the state government, and property developers–all at once. One of the worst things that can happen is when residents start to think that talking about climate is just code for gentrification, which it doesn’t have to be – in fact Moreland can have community-first development and protection of green spaces at once. I know a lot of locals now think that all that environment talk is just code for handing power to property developers. But if we take them on, and take on the state government, we can have – protected green spaces in working class areas, high quality energy efficient public housing with green community spaces built in, a more affordable community AND leading environmental outcomes. 9/30/2020 8:07 PM

Shaun Minehan (IND): Thank you for your work! It is such a great opportunty to answer these questions during the campaign. If elected, I’d love to sit down with you all and hear more – you are passionate and that matters for so much. Once again, thank you. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM

Shanaka Perera (IND): I don’t think we embrace technological trends as much as we should. Innovation to reduce carbon emissions through technology have to be integrated into master plans, structure plans and other council strategies. 9/26/2020 9:50 PM

Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): The Greens appreciate the incredible investment and interest by the broader Moreland communities in this most important area of Council and community work. Optimising collaboration and cooperation and facilitating this is essential if we are to achieve the goals and serious outcomes in the next Council term, especially without strong leadership from the Victorian Government (it has yet to announce it’s new targets in 2020, under the guise of the COVID emergency) and the poor federal leadership in the climate and energy policy space generally. 9/26/2020 8:56 PM

Chris Miles (Animal Justice Party): No comment

Oscar Yildiz (IND): I think I’ve always made my intentions clear and I support any initiatives that will minimise the impact we have on our environment and the climate. 9/20/2020 9:25 PM

Mohamad Elmustapha (IND): No comment

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Submission: Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline in Victoria South Ward – Moreland Council 2020 election candidate responses on climate

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