Past Campaigns

Replace Hazelwood

The problem
It is a national embarrassment, 80% foreign owned and responsible for 3% of Australia’s and 15% of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions. Yes, it’s the developed world’s most polluting power station – Hazelwood in the La Trobe Valley.

Last year Climate Action Moreland was involved in the campaign to Switch off Hazelwood, and we went down to the La Trobe valley to express our concerns.

Our solution
Climate Action Moreland wants it shut down by 2012 and replaced with renewable energy. We want the government to make shutting down Hazelwood an election promise, but they’ll only do that if we can show there is real community concern on the issue. So we’re taking the issue to the streets of Brunswick and are planning on door knocking the electorate in the lead up to the State and Federal election.

Check out this video of us doorknocking Brunswick calling for the urgent closure of the Hazelwood power station, and its replacement with renewable energy.

Ellen and Charmaine doorknocking in Brunswick on May 2

We can’t do it without you!
We’re going to be knocking on as many doors as we can, inviting the residents of Brunswick to sign our petition, contact their MP and local candidate and join with other members of their community in the call to replace Hazelwood with renewable energy.

Our next doorknocking is Sunday 12 Septmber.

To get involved call Ellen Roberts on 0408 583 694 or email Please bring your friends. See you there!

100% renewables, 100% do-able!

The 100% renewables campaign is a grassroots call to action! Together with other climate action groups around the country we’re working to build community support for transforming Australia’s energy sector, from dirty coal to a clean mix of solar, wind and other renewables.

On 2 May 2010, Climate Action Moreland joined with more than seventy other climate action groups from around the country in launching the 100% renewables campaign, a grassroots community based campaign for a safe climate.

Climate Action Moreland launches the 100% renewable campaign on May 2, 2010

We want to see a national gross feed in tarrif: a proven international mechanism for supporting the renewable energy industry. Beyond just solar panels on roofs, if its designed well national feed in tarrifs can bring about large scale transformation of our energy sector.

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