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Are you joining the scientists for the science march in Melbourne?

On Saturday, Earthday, scientists are on the march, including in Melbourne. They are asking for science to inform public policy, for the media to take note and respect the science, instead of giving equal time to charlatans and deniers under the label of ‘balanced debate’. We have seen cutbacks in funding for science research here in Australia, and are witnessing a major attack on government scientific organisations with the Trump regime in the United States.

It’s time to take to the streets in support of our scientists. This march is in support of science and science research in all it’s various disciplines, including climate science.

Join us at the march in Melbourne, 1pm State Library in Melbourne.

Share on social media your #marchforscience pics to your friends interstate or overseas.

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In Moreland we are asking our Federal MP to help #stopAdani

What every Federal MP needs: concerned citizens lobbying them on climate

A little friendly protest will take place outside the electorate office for Wills MP, Peter Khalil
When: Friday 17 March at 1.30pm at 3 Munro St, Coburg.
Join us for a while if you are in the local area.

We think all our Federal MPs and Senators should be working to stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine from going ahead.

Peter Khalil has already signed the Climate Emergency declaration and is making climate change one of his 6 focus areas.

The Carmichaeol coal mine is a huge carbon bomb. Once built it will lead to coal extraction, transport to the coast, across the Great Barrier Reef, to coal plants across Asia adding to greenhouses gases and climate change. If it goes ahead it would effectively counter any emissions reduction we make with renewables or energy efficiency or waste reduction.

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Mandatory garden space for urban housing developments and combatting the urban heat island effect

Saving the trees in backyard gardens in our cities is critically important to slow the increasing rise of temperatures in the urban environment. Under the refreshed Plan for Melbourne, the State government is bringing in new minimum mandatory garden rules for housing development. The real issue that no-one is discussing, is how to encourage the increase in the private forest canopy in our cities.

Rising temperatures due to climate change are making our cities hotter. Climate change is amplifying the urban heat island effect. All the built surfaces in the city are absorbing heat during the day and creating a substantial increase in urban temperatures as compared to similar rural areas. This is particularly exacerbated during extreme heat events and heatwaves and poses a major heat health threat to the population.

Increasing tree canopy cover and increasing soil moisture in the urban environment are major methods for reducing the urban heat island effect.

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Celebrate Victoria’s climate change act, but we still need to do so much more

The Victorian climate Act has passed state parliament. (See this Storify)

Victoria is back on track taking climate action with the passage of the upgraded Victorian Climate Change Act through parliament with support of the Greens and cross bench MLCs Fiona Pattern (Sex Party) and Western region independant James Purcell. The Liberal and National Parties opposed the Act and have vowed to abolish any Victorian renewable energy target. (See storifys on two of the LNP blockers: Bernie Finn and David Davis)

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said, “Victorians accept the science and know that climate change is not only real, but that government, industry and the wider community must work together to fight it.” Ms D’Ambrosio has been doing an incredible amount of positive work on energy and climate change for Victoria as the Minister.

Victoria becomes the first Australian state to legislate for net zero emissions by 2050. The action was taken note of by the UNFCCC.

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Moreland Council opposes Adani coal mine


The City of Moreland Council showed political will and voted tonight to oppose the Adani coal mine development and write to all Federal MPs urging their opposition to the development of the Carmichael coal mine.

It may sound strange an inner city Melbourne municipal council campaigning against a proposed coal mine development thousands of kilometres away in the Galilee Basin of Queensland. But Moreland has never been afraid to take a public leadership stance in protection of their citizens. And climate change is the big one that affects us all.

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March for Science set for Earthday April 22 across Australia

Save Our Science - Melbourne rallies in a Sea of white balloons #CSIROcuts

Scientists and friends of Science are organising a March for Science on Earth Day 2017, 22 April 2017 in the United States. There will also be marches across the world, including in Australia.

Today the Australian chief scientist Alan Finkel compared Trump’s science censorship (See Scientific American, Techcrunch, The Guardian) with the treatment of science under Josef Stalin’s dictatorship in Russia. Read the reports in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian.

The March for Science describes itself as “a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.”

See march details at bottom of article.

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2016 hottest year on record globally, 4th warmest for Australia


The official reports are in. 2016 was the hottest year on record according to the European Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). In Australia the Bureau of Meteorology declared 2016 the 4th warmest on record.

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