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Meet the Team: Mr Simon Nelson come on down

Simon Nelson is one of the two bald Britishers that rips it up for Climate Action Moreland. He’s about the head for to Europe – overland, that’s without any plane travel whatsoever. Check out Simon’s blog at, and learn about how you too can rid your life of airplanes.

Beer, dancing, football (that’s soccer to you), Imogen and saving the world

2 Dislikes
Shallow people, capitalism.

3 What do you do?

  • For money: work for a company who’s products contribute 7% of Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions
  • For love: trying to stop the activities of my employers and all the rest of them

4 What do you like about Moreland?
Beer, food, vibe and the highest per capita concentration of beards and fixed geared bicycles in the world.

5 What do you do in Climate Action Moreland?
Politics in the Pub is my main things, which kind of compliments my likes.

6 What’s your biggest fear about Climate Change?
That we don’t get it together to stop it before it is too late

7 What action would you like to see happen on Climate Change?
A transformation of society so that we treat the earth as our home rather than something to be exploited

8 Funniest CAM story?
Fun? Saving the world is no laughing matter.

9 What have you done to live a more sustainable life?
Doing less with less, riding my bike, growing our own food, trying to eat less meat and not flying, holding my farts in.

10 What do you like about CAM?
The fantastic inspiring people who devote their lives to saving the planet.

11 If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
Have a party a very big one

12 If you were the leader of the world what’s the first thing you’d do?
Ask for a recount

13 What song would you like played at your funeral?
The Internationale

14 Which dead person would you most like to have a drink with?
Andrew Bolt, wishful thinking maybe

15 Red or Blue?
Red all the way. Come on united!!!!

16 What keeps you awake at night?
Trapped wind

17 What’s are you reading at the moment?
The Merchants of doubt

18 Where is your favourite place to eat.
The Napier in Fitzroy, best roo in Melbourne

19 What’s your favourite drink?
Locally brewed beer

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Meet the team: Ellen

Every month we get to know a different CAMer, putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

This month we find-out about one of CAM’s creators, organiser extraordinaire and late night R’n’B listener – Ellen.

Train travel, dancing around the lounge room, carbohydrates and the novel I’m reading at the moment – A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.

2 Dislikes
The fermented products that my boyfriend makes me eat cause their good for me.

3 What do you do?

  • For money: a variety of jobs – researcher, conference organiser, composter, refugee advocate.
  • For love: climate campaigning with Climate Action Moreland and Friends of the Earth (and most of the things I do for money too…)

4 What do you like about Moreland?
The density of lemon trees per square kilometre. (more…)

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Meet the team: Andrew

Every month we’ll be getting to know a new CAMer and putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

This month we ask CAM’s video producer, online magazine editor and op shop lover –Andrew , the hard questions.

Andrew1 Likes

The ocean, summertime, responsible and active people, fair trade, live music, inspirational and informative Youtube, people who speak another language than me.

2 Dislikes

The way both major parties treat refugees, cold hands and feet, waste, fossil fuels, heartbreak.

3 What do you do?

I am the editor of the Vagabond Online, which involves promoting ethical choices through articles, videos and the website. MAKE CHOICES YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT! I also run a range of youth development programs through the YMCA. (more…)

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Meet the team – Merryn

Every month we’ll be getting to know a new CAMer and putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

This month we ask CAMs MasterChef, whale warrior and ring arounder – Merryn, the hard questions.

MasterChef, whale warrior and ring arounder - Merryn 1 Likes
Sunlight; desert landscapes; the kind of travelling where you get somewhere new everyday; hiking; Kikkoman organic soy sauce; vegan ice cream; fair trade chocolate; HBO TV series; animals in the wild; activists and civil society campaigners.

2 Dislikes
Things that are cheap because someone has being exploited to make them. Companies that pay people to do horrible things. Consumption that doesn’t take into account the consequences on others. And also, when a TV series gets axed halfway through the season.

3 What do you do?
I’m a pediatric doctor, working in a Children’s Emergency Department. Over the last two summers I was ship’s doctor on the Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin in Antarctica, looking after people protecting whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. (more…)

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Meet the team – June

Every month we’ll be getting to know a new CAMer and putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

And in the month of June, who better to meet than Jane!

Russian doorstop novels, leatherman multi-tools, cooking with spices, bushwalking, Melbourne, sleeping in.

2. Dislikes
The pressure to own the latest cool gadget, amusement park rides that spin you around, chokos, those people who come to your door trying to get you to change electricity providers.

3. What do you do?
Right now I’m finishing off some studies, being a parent to two small children, and starting up a small business. Yes, I’m way too busy.

4. What’s your background?
I grew up in Sydney, moved around a fair bit including stints in Cairns and the Blue Mts, fell in love with Melbourne and wouldn’t live anywhere else. My work background is mainly in communications, though I’ve worked in a variety of fields. (more…)

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Meet the team – May

Every month we’ll be getting to know a new CAMer and putting them through their paces with our 20 Questions.

This month we meet our resident designer Wayne.

Politics (I know – I’m strange), films, movies, art, most sport – especially AFL (come on Port),, cappuccino, brunch, Yorkshire puddings, NGOs, bush-walking, camping, Yoga, oh and my bike.

2 Dislikes
Right wing conservative media commentators, vested interests, Collingwood football club, people who are rude, really hot days (anything over 40), most politicians and tv commercials.

3 What do you do?
I’m a Graphic Designer and Community Campaigner

4 When was the last time you gave to charity?
Last month – my nephew has cancer and we’re trying to raise money for his treatment

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