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CommBank Brunswick: stop funding Fossil Fuels protest

Commonwealth Bank will announce their new oil and gas policy in August, and now is the time to pile on the pressure to make sure they don’t side with planet wrecking corporations.

Climate Action Merribek members organised a visit and a peaceful protest at 11am on Wednesday at the Commonwealth Bank in Brunswick as part of a broader action by 350 Australia.

From 2016 to 2022 the Commonwealth Bank financed Fossil Fuel Companies to the tune of Aus$14 billion (USD$8,148.69 million)


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Refuting Coalition claims on their climate policies: a guide

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Many people are now writing to their local MPs demanding climate action. Coalition MPs are responding with claims of what they are doing. Here we make suggestions on how to challenge these responses – or much better, to use when talking with friends and family, who may be swayed by Coalition rhetoric.

This upsurge in climate concern is great. But please don’t just write letters to politicians. We suggest people join a local group. There are lots of groups working on various aspects of climate change. Contact us if you would like some suggestions. (more…)

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Vote for Hazelwood’s Engie for a Pinocchio Climate Award in Paris

Engie (formerly GDF Suez) is the majority owner of Hazelwood brown coal mine and power station and other energy assets in the LaTrobe Valley. It is where the 45 day minefire occurred that choked Morwell and much of the valley.

I have just learned that Engie have been nominated for a Pinocchio climate award in the Greenwashing category, although Hazelwood isn’t mentioned in the writeup.

There are 9 companies nominated in total, each of which have a record that violates human rights and pollutes the environment. There are 3 categories: Lobbying, greenwashing, and local impacts on communities. Anything goes in the name of profits!

Engie is a sponsor of the COP21 UN Climate conference in Paris. They recently did an announcement of an intention to stop new coal investment, however there was no mention about the continuing operation of ageing polluting plants like Hazelwood. See my Europe Diary: #Engie stops new #coal investment but continues existing dirty coal plants #Paris2015

You can vote in these awards (probably till end of November 2015), and we hope you will vote for Engie in the Greenwashing category. Engie is competing against EDF and Yarra.

The Awards Ceremony for the Pinocchio Awards will take place on the evening of Dec 3 in Paris.

I’ll try to attend the Awards ceremony, naturally, to report the result live.

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Carlo Carli taking action on climate change?

Carlo Carli’s glossy brochure to households in Brunswick requesting that we join him to ‘take action on climate change’ is just the first we can expect as Labour tries to paint itself green in the lead up to the State election in November.

Carlo wants us to ask the Greens to vote for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, but rightly they refuse to do so because CPRS locks in decades of failure on climate change. The government’s own modelling shows that if the CPRS is passed Australia’s emissions won’t drop until 2035, and then not enough to stop runaway climate change.  The Victorian government, of which Carlo is a member, is one of the most pro-coal in the country, constantly scuttling renewable energy initiatives and looking for new opportunities to expand the coal industry in Victoria.

It’s going to take more than glossy brochures to turn around Labour’s woeful record on climate action at both the State and Federal level. With my local group Climate Action Moreland I’m intending to campaign against Labour’s pro-coal, do-nothing CPRS and for policies that support not discourage the growth of renewable energy.

Ellen Robert

Climate Action Moreland

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Important message from a HUNGRY BEAST – Australian Coal Association TVC

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UNFCCC climate conferenceNovember 30, 2023
5 months to go.

This is the current C02 in our atmosphere. We need to get it below 350 for a safe climate.

Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere


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