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Upcoming Event: Sustainability in the Pub

In collaboration with the wonderful Moreland Energy Foundation, on Thursday May 12 at 6pm – 8pm, Climate Action Moreland present Sustainability in the Pub. This month we’ll be talking about the good, the bad and the just plain neutral of carbon offsetting.

Should we offset? How does it all work? Does someone REALLY plant a tree when we press the magic offset button?

With Climate Action Moreland own Charmaine Chew, talking about her project journeysforclimatejustice, Lee Tan, Asia Pacifc Campaigner from the Australian Conservation Foundation about her visit to Australian government funded offset projects in Indonesia and an excellent speaker from MEFL.

At everyone’s favourite … In The Pub venue, the Edinburgh Castle, corner Albion Street and Sydney Road.

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March Politics in the Pub – Carbon Pricing

‘Renewable Energy or Just Less Money for Beer’ was the question that animated the discussion at Climate Action Moreland’s first Politics in the Pub for 2011. Views in Climate Action Moreland have been mixed on this most hotly of debated issues, proving that we do represent a broad cross section of Morelandian society!

We are all united on the need for urgent climate action however, and so the debate was focussed on whether or not carbon pricing would be effective to actually start to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  While some of the discussion considered the more technical aspects of carbon pricing, many people also added their thoughts on the political implications of either choosing to implement a carbon price now or whether we should wait for more clear alternatives.

What do you think about carbon pricing? Tell us your thoughts.

If we don’t get the carbon price, will Tony Abbott be elected? If we do, will this mean that we see no more action on climate in Australia, even though the carbon price will not significantly drive down emissions in its current form?

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Politics in the Pub – Carbon Price

Climate Action Moreland presents

Politics in the Pub

Carbon Price: Creating a renewable energy future or just less money for beer?

There are a range of views within Climate Action Moreland about the governments proposal for a carbon price. Come join us in the pub for a lively community discussion of the pros and cons of the carbon tax.

6.30pm 22 March

Edinburgh Castle (cnr Albion St and Sydney Road),

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Transitioning to a Better World

Have you heard about Transition Towns?  A Transition Town – which could be a town, village, council district, university, or island – is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction. Transition Towns (sometimes known as Transition Initiatives) is a social experiment to build community connectedness, capacity and resilience.

This idea started off in the UK about 5 years ago and has since travelled across the world. Transition towns are now popping up all over Victoria, such as Banyule, Maroondah, St Kilda, Darebin, Anglesea, Torquay, Geelong, South Barwon, and Montmorency.  For our second Politics in the Pub session, we welcomed our guests Kat Lavers (Transition Towns Darebin) and Mary Stringer (Transition Towns Banyule) to share their experiences with us.

Why do it?

At the heart of this initiative is the belief that:

  • if we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late
  • if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little
  • but if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time. (more…)

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Politics in the Pub

Worried about the future? Don’t panic. Pour a drink and let’s talk.

Our next Politics in the Pub is on 29 April 6.30pm at the Edinburgh Castle with the topic ‘What Would a Sustainable World Look Like?’

  • Would we be living on self sufficient farms, high density urban housing, or caves?
  • Will we be working less, or working from home?
  • Will we have flying cars that run on our rubbish?
  • And most importantly will we have to wear white jumps suits?

Our first Politics in the Pub, held on March 23 was a great success, with new and old faces discussing climate change well into the night. There was plenty of animated discussion after a short presentation on ‘Melbourne in a Warmer World’ by author David Spratt.

Download this pdf for more details CAM_PITP_V1F_1004

Please note that this event has changed dates from Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th April.

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