Build support for strong climate action

We need widespread and strong political support for action on climate change. We need to ensure that no government can ever again take up backwards on climate change.

Talk with people at every opportunity about the importance of strong action on climate change. Engage other at where you work or study. Engage others in your local church, sports club, community group, etc. Write for newsletters; write to newspapers and call tall-back radio.

  • Build support among the public for strong climate action.
  • Talk with people in your school / work / church / sports club etc.
  • Write for newsletters; write to papers and call tall-back radio.
  • Lobby decision-makers at every opportunity.
  • Help to educate others.

Most people are concerned about climate change, but it is low on their list of priorities. Since many do not even talk about it, we need to break the silence. Psychology for a Safe Climate has a great booklet Let’s Speak about Climate Change, which discusses how we can engage and connect with others about climate change. See

Share your experiences with others. You may have installed solar power, or introduced energy efficiency measures in your home. This means that you have expertise, which you can now share with others. Remember that people usually place more trust in people that they know.

Ensure political candidates take climate action seriously

Federal, state and council elections provide are great opportunities to talk about climate change. We have elections nearly every year. Some years we have two or more.

  • Write to candidates
  • Attend candidates’ meetings
  • Tell them you want strong action on climate change

Tips on Writing Letters to the Paper

Apparently the letters page is one of the most popular sections of newspapers! Getting a letter published is a great way of getting the message out to a lot of people. Do you need some help in getting your first letter written? Some of our members have had lots of experience – so just contact us at

Here are some tips for getting published.

  • Keep to within the paper’s word limit. (Typically 200 words.) If you can make a point in just a few words, do so. You are probably more likely to be printed.
  • Send your letter early in the day. Before 10 am is best. Definitely before 12 noon.
  • Make one clear point, and argue it well
  • If you can be witty, do it. Short and witty can be a winner.
  • If you are referring to a previous published article, try to extend the debate. (Don’t just summarise or say that you agree.)
  • Point out hypocrisy, or refer to comments that politicians made previously.
  • Focus on the politics of climate change rather than the science.

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