Campaign for sustainable transport

There are many ideas around that promote more sustainable methods of transport, including walking, cycling and using public transport. Moreland City Council has lots of ideas on their Sustainable Transport website.

There are many groups campaigning for better public transport, not more roads. Check out what they are doing and see how you can help. See Public Transport not Traffic.  They also have a list of local groups under “Our supporters”.

In Moreland, you can join Moreland Community for Action on Transport, or the Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield Campaign.

Friends of the Earth Sustainable Cities program launched in February 2018 the #GetOnBoard community powered transport plan which is worthwhile supporting.

The Walking School Bus is an initiative that encourages kids to walk to school in a group, accompanied by an adult. Can you start one for your kids’school? See Another initiative directed at school kids is the Ride2School program. See

There are many Bicycle Clubs or Bicycle Users Groups in Melbourne, such as Moreland Bicycle Users Group.  Join one to campaign for better conditions for cyclists. Find your local group at You can help children develop their bike riding skills at Bike Ed.


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