MP Watch: Sustainable Transport

We have three Victorian MPs who represent Merri-bek residents. What are they doing to promote walking, cycling and public transport?

We will summarise their speeches and their questions raised in Parliament. We will give you our verdict along with what we would like to see improved.

February to March 2023

Tim Read
MP for Brunswick

23/2/2023 Bus Route 508

Could buses on this route run later in the evenings.

Verdict: Good

Reply from Minister on Bus Route 508

23/2/2023 Tram Cameras

Will government implement safety measure for passengers alighting from trams including cameras to detect vehicles not stopping.

Verdict: Good

Reply from Minister on Tram Cameras

7/3/2023: Brunswick electorate public transport

Asks for East-West bus services to be improved.

Verdict: Good

7/3/2023: Address-in-reply to the Governor’s speech 

Calls for increased budget on public transport, walking and cycling. Highlights big gaps in cycling infrastructure.

Verdict: Good

7/3/2023: Brunswick electorate level crossing removals

Seeks response from Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

Calls for: prioritise walking and cycling at roads: closed roads not to be re-open closed roads, install pop-up bike lanes in Sydney Rd during construction along with accessible tram stops.

Verdict: Good

8/3/2023: Brunswick Electorate

Notes that a pedestrian was killed at Hope St / Melville Road. Calls for specific measure to improve the safety of this intersection. Calls for speed reduction on Melville Road.

Verdict: Good. Calling for specific safety measures is important.

Anthony Cianflone
MP for Pascoe Vale

8/2/2023: Maiden Speech

Undertakes to advocate for the Upfield and Craigieburn rail lines. Mentions Melbourne’s northern bus review. Says “opportunities to improve road and pedestrian safety as well as accessibility for all commuters will remain a priority.” Wants Victoria to “support and recognise transport, the gig economy and aviation workers.”

Verdict: Good on pedestrian safety and public transport. However, he fails to mention cycling safety, including gig workers on bikes.

7/3/2023: Bell Street Pedestrian Safety

Seeks response from the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Requests update on “ latest update on the steps the Andrews Labor government is taking to evaluate pedestrian and motorist safety along the Bell Street bridge”.

Verdict: Good advocacy for pedestrian safety. But fails to mention cycling safety

22/3/2023: Pascoe Vale electorate road safety

Refers to The Age article on pedestrian safety.  Notes that Bell St and Sydney Rd are “hazardous roads for commuters”. Saddened by pedestrian death at Hope St and Melville Rd. Wants “a safer commuter experience”.

Encourages residents to submit to inquiry into the impact of road behaviours on vulnerable road users.

Verdict: Misleading. The road deaths cited in The Age were pedestrians (mostly seniors), not commuters (those travelling to work). 70% of PV road deaths are pedestrians.

Kathleen Matthews-Ward
MP for Broadmeadows

7/3/2023: Maiden Speech

States: “I will work to address transport disadvantage so that everyone can participate fully, especially those who do not drive a car, and will work with all levels of government to improve walking environments, expand community transport and, through the northern bus review, ensure our bus network serves people better.”

Our Verdict: Good, but no mention of improving cycling environments.

MITS – present Mode share (All trips)

Transport emissions in Merri-bek

Merri-bek 2020/21 municipal emissions snapshot for transport sector. Source Snapshot Climate

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