Guide to Reducing Your Energy Use and Saving Money – ATA

Get Energy-smart Now – Steps you can take to take control of YOUR energy use – BZE sponsored site for energy efficiency

Be the difference that makes a difference.

25% emissions cut at $4 a week ‘possible’ – from The Age

Greener travel: a quick guide

GreenFleet – find out how to AVOID, REDUCE and OFFSET greenhouse gas emissions

C3 – tax deductible carbon offsets & GreenPower

Make your own pelmets

How to Make a Door Draught Stopper

Renters Guide to Sustainability – ATA

The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook – CSIRO

Check out energy ratings for all major appliances – Australian Government site

Energy Ratings explained – Australian Government site

Get some great tips before you buy or renovate your home

Cut your energy use and SAVE

Action at home

Carbon footprint calculator

Build a Solar Cooker

Laundry detergent and your garden

Environment Victoria

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