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Helping the City of Moreland divest from Fossil Fuels

A petition from over 800 Moreland residents has progessively been presented to Moreland council urging the Council to take it’s money out of financing fossil fuel developments.  We presented the latest round at tonight’s meeting.
Climate Action Moreland Volunteer SallyRose on the right with 350 and Climate Action Moreland volunteers presenting latest round of signatures to Moreland Council

Climate Action Moreland Volunteer SallyRose on the right with 350 and Climate Action Moreland volunteers presenting latest round of signatures to Moreland Council

Climate Action Moreland and have been engaged and fighting the good fight to clean up Moreland council’s finances this year.  We thought we’d take this opportunity to let you all know where we stand at the moment.

What you’ve helped achieve so far

  • Moreland Council received 498 signatures at the April Council Meeting asking for divestment of Moreland’s finances from Fossil Fuels
  • At the May Council Meeting Moreland councilors approved a motion to audit council investments (term deposits mostly) to help give visibility to how ratepayer’s money is financing dirty energy projects
  • At their June meeting the council modified the awarding of their financial services contract to state that if the Commonwealth bank had not divested from Fossil Fuels by the end of their initial three year term, they would not be eligible for any extensions the contract offers. The contract would be automatically re-tendered to allow banks who don’t invest in fossil fuels a shot.  To our knowledge, this is the first time an Australian local council has put a bank on notice that their fossil fuel financing is putting their continuing business relationship on the line.
  • Tonight at the July Council meeting we presented another 332 signatures to council to let them know that while we welcome their engagement on the issue there’s still a way to go.
None of this would have been possible without the support in the community and the hundreds of people who have signed the petition and supported this campaign.  But there’s still plenty to do.

Volunteers getting out there, chatting to residents and gathering petition signatures at Glenroy

What we’ve got planned ahead

  • The big event we have planned for August is a Community Climate Action Forum – where Climate Action Moreland and will be talking about ways that people can get involved in the grassroots efforts going on everywhere to help do things to combat climate change now.  One topic you can be assured will be covered is the effort to get council to divest from fossil fuels.  Details are below.
  • We’ll keep engaging with council to figure out the logistics of cleaning up their finances – we want to help council build a plan that lets them move all their money out of dirty energy investments.
  • We’ll keep getting out and engaging the community to get more people to sign up to cleaning up Moreland’s finances

Community Climate Action Forum

Can you come along to the Community Climate Action Forum? Here’s the details
When: Thursday 7 August at 7PM
Where: Coburg Concert Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg 
There’s a facebook event here – to register interest in attending. Feel free to let us know you’re coming and invite other climate-minded people along!


Kind Regards and Thank you for your support
Michael Stanley on Behalf of Climate Action Moreland and Moreland Campaign Volunteer

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How you can join in Moreland

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a worldwide campaign sending a strong message for climate action in the countdown to negotiations in Copenhagen.

Climate Action Moreland Countdown to Copenhagen

The actions and events you create are up to you, but be sure include things like garage sales, sausage sizzles, competitions and music so everyone can have a great time.


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Special guests, The Wilderness Society, come to CAM.

For our next meeting we’ve invited Wilderness Society campaigners Scott and Amelia to discuss forests and climate change, as well as their plans for the upcoming international day of action on October 24th. We’ll also have a discussion about the Moreland Climate Group’s plans for our own local actions.

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