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Australia scores Fossil awards at COP22

CAMoreland member John Englart accepts Fossil Of The Day award at COP22

CAMoreland member John Englart accepts Fossil Of The Day award at COP22

The second week of COP22 in Marrakech Australia received a Fossil of the Day award for comments that Josh Frydenberg made, and also shared a fossil as one of the countries expanding fossil fuel production that is incongruent with meeting the temperature targets enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

This was a funny UN climate conference: for 3 days there were no nominations at all, whether this is due to poor intelligence or countries simply getting on with the tasks at hand and negotiating in good faith.

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CAMoreland member to attend COP22 UN climate conference in Morocco

Climate Action Moreland member John Englart will be attending the UN climate conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco (official COP22 site) from November 7-18 as an official NGO observer for Climate Action Network Australia (CANA). He attended the Paris climate conference and published ongoing reports of the negotiations and Australia’s role in Paris COP21.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop broke the news publicly that Australia had belatedly joined the Coalition of High Ambition in the final days of COP21 in a tweet to John Englart Subsequently, Australia has been shunned from an informal meeting of the Coalition of High Ambition in New York for failing to walk the talk on high ambition climate action.

The Paris agreement will come into force in record time on 4th November 2016 just before the Marrakech conference starts. But Australia did not fast-track the treaty approval process, so our diplomats will be on the sidelines as observers of the first Conference of the Parties (COP) meeting for the Paris Agreement (CMA1).

Climate Action Moreland made a submission (PDF) to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties recommending early ratification and also pointing out Australia is already not acting in good faith to the agreement. (See all submissions)

The following is an abbreviated version of John Englart’s Article published at

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