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South Ward – Moreland Council 2016 election candidate responses on climate change


For south ward 3 Councillors are to be elected, 13 candidates. See VEC Moreland City Council 2016 Nominations. The following is the list of candidates as they will appear on the ballot paper. We have linked all candidate responses to us and indicated if candidates are aligned with any political party.

The election is on Saturday 22 October. See the results.

PASTOORS, Ray (ALP aligned)(Response)
HANSEN, Chris (ALP aligned)
BHUSAL, Vijay (No VEC email contact)
*TAPINOS, Lambros (ALP aligned)(Response)
O’CALLAGHAN, Dean Norman (IND – Save the Planet Party)(Response)
CAPUTO, Joe (ALP aligned)
DORNEY, Jess (Greens)(Response)
SMITH, Kelly Maree
*RATNAM, Samantha (Greens)(Response)
YUAN, Melissa (IND)(Response)
RILEY, Mark (Greens)(Response)
*HOPPER, Meghan (ALP aligned)(Response)

* – an asterisk before name signifies a current councillor standing for re-election. If a candidate has no information after their name it may indicate they did not provide email contact details to the VEC or failed to respond to our survey.


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Moreland Council 2016 election: Climate and sustainability candidate survey


We asked the candidates for Moreland Council a single question, and for details of their party affiliation (if any).

If elected, what concrete measures will you be advocating for on Moreland Council that relate to environmental sustainability and action on climate change?

Responses will be published on posts for each ward that will contain the list of candidates, party affiliation or alignment (if any), public contact information (website, facebook, twitter if available), and their answers. We may also add extra information or links to 3rd party websites (like the Moreland Leader) where we think it empowers voters on making an informed decision at the ballot box.

The election is on Saturday 22 October. See the results.

We have also asked all candidates to endorse a climate emergency declaration and send us a photo of their endorsement.

In the current term of Moreland Council the following major climate policy areas were addressed (It doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do in these areas):

  • Divestment from fossil fuels
  • Urban forest strategy
  • Heatwave Action plan
  • Zero Carbon Moreland Plan
  • Urban Food Strategy
  • Energy Efficiency (Light replacements)
  • Cycling Infrastructure
Moreland Council wards and voting centres

Moreland Council wards and voting centres

We need councillors who will continue with the City of Moreland’s strong leadership role on both reducing emissions and community adaptation to the climate changes already happening.

Candidate Forums

South Ward

Brunswick Residents Network are organising a candidates Forum to meet candidates for South Ward and ask them questions.
When: Monday, October 10 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Where: Siteworks, 33 Saxon Street Brunswick 3056
Registration: Facebook event details

North East Ward

Fawkner Community House have invited North–East Ward Council candidates to a community forum with Fawkner residents about how candidates will represent the interests of people in Fawkner if they are elected at the council election this month.
When: Sunday 9 October 2pm to 5pm
Where: 95-97 Major Road Fawkner
Details: Fawkner Community House

Save Coburg and Pentridge Action Group are organising a candidates forum to hear from candidates and ask them questions.
When: Thursday, October 13 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
Where: Coburg Uniting Church on the corner of Louisa St & Victoria St, Coburg
Registration: Facebook Event details

Other Information

Moreland Bicycle User Group has done a survey of candidates on cycling issues.

The results for each ward are:

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