Moreland Council Election

Moreland Council has a set 4 year term with an election in October 2020 (Closes October 23). Even though Melbourne is in Stage 4 pandemic lockdown the State government decided to proceed with the election as a mail ballot. Candidates can letterbox and distribute signs to shops and corflutes only in their 2 hour exercise period, and use social media and websites. This year we stepped up in cooperation with Neighbours United for Climate Action up with a comprehensive climate and sustainability survey to all candidates, plus co-orginsing online meet the candidate forums for North West Ward and North East Ward. Brunswick Residents Network is organising a candidates forum for South Ward.

Our articles for the Moreland Votes 2020 election campaign:

Moreland Votes 2016

Victorian Elections

Our campaigns for the Victorian Election in 2018 (on November 24).

Click for Slash Emissions, Slash Energy Bills with Energy Efficiency.

Click for Sustainable Transport Campaign information and Transport Policy in Moreland for the Climate Emergency.

View the Candidates Confirmed for 2018.


Victorian State Election in 2014

Moreland Candidate Forums for #vicvotes State Election

Climate and the State Election

Fair Food Forum at Coburg Farmers Market discusses agriculture and food security

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