Send Email to Candidates on Energy Efficiency

Here is our suggestion for text that you can email to our local candidates. Click here for email addresses for current list of candidates.

Subject: This election, please support strong energy efficiency policies

Dear State Election Candidate

Most Victorians want to slash carbon emissions and slash energy bills. We can do this if our state governments legislate for strong energy efficiency policies.

Australia compares very poorly with other countries on energy efficiency. (

This election, we ask that you support the following policies:

  • Require that all rental properties meet energy performance standards. Such requirements are being introduced in other jurisdictions.
  • Strengthen apartment design standards to stop developers building hotbox apartments. Our current star rating system is biased towards winter usage. Many apartments overheat in summer.
  • Substantially increase the emissions reduction target in the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme, and allow homeowners to get credits for a broader range of measures such as insulation, window shading and ceiling fans
  • Provide low interest loans to homeowners for energy efficiency upgrades, payable through rates.
  • Require that electricity distributors stop operating at excessively high voltages, which wastes energy and emissions and causes problems for solar PV owners.

More details are available at the following link







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