Moreland Council 2016 election: Climate and sustainability candidate survey


We asked the candidates for Moreland Council a single question, and for details of their party affiliation (if any).

If elected, what concrete measures will you be advocating for on Moreland Council that relate to environmental sustainability and action on climate change?

Responses will be published on posts for each ward that will contain the list of candidates, party affiliation or alignment (if any), public contact information (website, facebook, twitter if available), and their answers. We may also add extra information or links to 3rd party websites (like the Moreland Leader) where we think it empowers voters on making an informed decision at the ballot box.

Election day is Saturday 22 October 2016

  • South Ward Candidate List and responses – 3 councillors to be elected
  • North East Ward Candidate List and responses – 4 councillors to be elected
  • North West Ward Candidate List and responses – 4 councillors to be elected

In the current term of Moreland Council the following major climate policy areas were addressed (It doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do in these areas):

  • Divestment from fossil fuels
  • Urban forest strategy
  • Heatwave Action plan
  • Zero Carbon Moreland Plan
  • Urban Food Strategy
  • Energy Efficiency (Light replacements)
  • Cycling Infrastructure

We need councillors who will continue with the City of Moreland’s strong leadership role on both reducing emissions and community adaptation to the climate changes already happening.

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Senator Janet Rice: We have a budget emergency, A carbon budget emergency


In the Senate on Thursday 15 September, Victorian Greens Senator Janet Rice made an impassioned speech: There is opportunity in our climate crisis, but we must take a different direction. (Youtube) .

Janet Rice’s electoral office is on Sydney Road, Coburg.

It is worthwhile listening to her speech in full as Rice understands the climate science and frames the Government omnibus budget bill and the deal to slash ARENA funding in this context. She refers at the start to talking with ANU climate scientist Dr Andrew Glikson.

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Wills MP Peter Khalil makes maiden speech but fails to mention ARENA cuts


On Monday September 12 Wills MP Peter Khalil made his maiden speech in the House of Representatives, in which he prefaced: “This speech is for everyone who cares about compassionate policies for asylum seekers and refugees, the immense value to our nation of the arts and multiculturalism, equality before the law for all and the impact of climate change on our environment.”

He referenced climate change twice briefly in his speech:

“Wills has a commitment to the Environment. Residents have lead the way on climate change action with one of the fastest rates of home and business adoption of solar panels. In the suburbs of Fawkner and Glenroy pensioners have roofs covered in solar panels because it makes environmental and economic sense.”

“I believe in tackling climate change for our, and future generations, sustainable living, and funding for infrastructure and public transport.”


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CAM members participate in Croissants Not Coal #Hazelwood action


A few Climate Action Moreland members participated on Tuesday morning in a breakfast protest outside Engie’s local offices in Melbourne, calling for an early decision by Engie’s board to shut down the Hazelwood Power Station, one of the most polluting power stations in the industrial world.

Hazelwood is the worst polluting power station in the industrialised world. Other power stations in the La Trobe Valley are also heavy polluters. Current emissions intensity for Brown coal (lignite) in Victoria, Australia:

  • Hazelwood 1.56TonneCO2/MWh,
  • Yallourn 1.49TonneCO2/MWh,
  • Loy Yang A 1.28TonneCO2/MWh, and
  • Loy Yang B 1.24 tonneCO2/MWh

Need more background? Read our Hazelwood Primer or our Hazelwood Brief History.

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Shining a light in Melbourne on Reef not Coal

Reef not Coal protest at Federation Square

Reef not Coal protest at Federation Square

Last night I ventured to Federation Square. I had heard that Nemo and Dory were in town.

The Climate Guardian angels were also there poignantly making a statement with a piece of the redline ribbon from Paris COP21 last year. The redline derives from diplomatic symbolism for a boundary or limit which should not be crossed. No new coal mines or other fossil fuels is one such boundary for a safe climate, backed up by research by McGlade and Ekins (2015) (See Unburnable carbon: why we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground). Two of the Angels present are from our Climate Action Moreland group.

Seems the East Australian current is warmer and going further south. The Tasman sea has warmed by over 2 degrees C in the last 70 years – it’s a global sea surface temperature hotspot. That’s climate change for you.


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Victoria steps up with renewables target and ban on fracking

Premier Dan Andrews and Energy and Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio launching Victoria's renewable energy targets

Premier Dan Andrews and Energy and Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio launching Victoria’s renewable energy targets

In mid June Victoria stepped up it’s Renewable Energy target to 25 percent renewable energy share by 2020, and 40 percent by 2025. And this week Premier Daniel Andrews announced a permanent ban on onshore unconventional gas exploration and development and hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

While phaseout of coal generators is important, and we are hopeful that Hazelwood closure is in the near term pipeline, these are important announcements for climate action at the state level. It shows the state Government is treating the climate issue and their citizens with the seriousness that it deserves.


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How to #Voteclimate in Wills in 2016

The ten Candidates in the order listed on the Wills ballot paper with social media contact details:

Kyung Moo (Kevin) HONG (Liberal Party of Australia) Facebook
Ashley BLACKWELL (Drug Law Reform Party) Facebook, Drug Law Reform website
Tristram CHELLEW (Australian Sex Party) Facebook
Samantha RATNAM (The Greens) website | Facebook
Dougal GILLMAN (Renewable Energy Party) Renewable Energy Party Facebook
William FULGENZI (Socialist Equality Party) SEP Facebook
Zane ALCORN (Socialist Alliance) Facebook
Camille SYDOW (Animal Justice Party) Facebook
Francesco TIMPANO (Independent) Facebook
Peter KHALIL (Australian Labor Party) website | Facebook

Candidates had an opportunity to explain their policies at a climate forum in Wills that we organised.


See Also

ACF climate pledge

Only three of the ten candidates standing for the Wills Federal electorate have signed the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) pledge: Samantha Ratnam (The Greens), Camille Sydow (Animal Justice Party) and Zane Alcorn (Socialist Alliance). This pledge is an undertaking that if elected they will:

  • Support Clean Energy. Transitioning Australia to 100 percent clean energy.
  • Cut Pollution. Moving to zero net climate pollution before 2050 and closing dirty coal burning power stations.
  • Protect our reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife. Supporting a strong set of laws and institutions to improve biodiversity and regulate pollution.

Other candidates have taken away the pledge card to consider but have not yet committed. These include: Peter Khalil (Labor), Will Fulgenzi (Socialist Equality), Tristram Chellow (Sex Party).

I am particularly disappointed Peter Khalil, the Labor candidate, has refused so far to sign. His predecessor Kelvin Thomson was a strong supporter of climate action within parliament and Labor Caucus. Other Labor candidates have not been as reticent such as for example: Tony Clark in Deakin and Margaret D’Arcy in Kooyong both signing the pledge.

This is an important pledge as it contains commitments to phase out polluting coal and increase renewable energy to 100 percent, to transition to a zero carbon economy before 2050, and to protect our forests, rivers and reefs. All these are essential if we are to meet out international climate commitments of the Paris Agreement.

Don’t forget the Federal election sausage sizzle map: it is not too late for schools to do some sizzling fund raising at polling booths.

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