Australia scores Fossil awards at COP22

CAMoreland member John Englart accepts Fossil Of The Day award at COP22

CAMoreland member John Englart accepts Fossil Of The Day award at COP22

The second week of COP22 in Marrakech Australia received a Fossil of the Day award for comments that Josh Frydenberg made, and also shared a fossil as one of the countries expanding fossil fuel production that is incongruent with meeting the temperature targets enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

This was a funny UN climate conference: for 3 days there were no nominations at all, whether this is due to poor intelligence or countries simply getting on with the tasks at hand and negotiating in good faith.

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Moving Beyond Coal: time to scale up renewables to fight poverty

Protest at COP22 on coal and poverty via DesmogBlogUK

Protest at COP22 on coal and poverty via DesmogBlogUK

Climate Action Moreland, after discussion on our email list, has joined with over 40 NGOs at COP22 in Marrakech in a statement on Beyond coal: Scaling up clean energy to fight poverty.

Climate Action Moreland has campaigned for energy transition from coal to renewables in Victoria, but we think Australia’s export coal is also a huge problem, especially when it is justified on the grounds of reducing poverty.

Last year in Paris at COP21 Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop justified Australia’s coal export as alleviating hunger : “Coal-fired power generation is here to stay,” she said. “Fossil fuels will remain critical to promoting prosperity, growing economies, alleviating hunger for years to come,”

Our member John Englart at COP22 in Marrakech said,

“We take this opportunity to wholeheartedly reject Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop’s statement made at last years conference on coal being a solution to hunger and poverty.”

“Developing nations need the roll out of clean energy, not more coal pollution that destroys our climate.”

“Clean coal is a myth and will not reduce poverty.” he said.

“Australia should start phasing out our export coal trade and stop all forms of subsidy for fossil fuels.”

“Australia should be supporting and financing clean energy and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in reducing poverty, not promoting the export of coal.”

The statement was organised by Christian Aid UK. (Press Release) The NGO statement in full follows below:

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Transitioning from Coal to Renewable Energy – CAM’s Submission to Senate Inquiry

Climate Action Moreland has made a submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Retirement of Coal-Fired Power Stations. It is reproduced below.

Our submission discusses and is guided by the following principles:

  • Australia needs to rapidly transition to zero net emissions. The closure of coal fired power stations is an essential first step in this process.
  • All of Australia’s communities need to plan a transition to a zero net emissions society based on 100% renewable energy and slashing energy wastage through energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Communities that rely on coal power need a just transition plan that will not only mitigate the job losses experienced, but also help transform their economies to allow their communities to prosper in the future.
  • In conjunction with the closure of coal-fired power, governments must complement these policies with strategies to ensure that our electricity systems are secure and reliable, and that electricity is affordable for all Australians.
  • Rather than relying predominantly on market mechanisms, the transition will also require national planning, strong regulations and direct government investment and ownership.

Loy Yang Power Station – Photo by John Englart


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Climate win: Hazelwood closing end of March 2017


The official announcement of Hazelwood’s future has been made by French company Engie on the eve of the Paris Agreement coming into force and the start of the UN climate conference COP22: Hazelwood will close by end of March 2017.

Hazelwood is Australia’s, indeed the industrial world’s, most polluting power station.

We should celebrate this as a definite climate win. Climate Action Moreland, along with many other community groups, have been campaigning for closure of Hazelwood with a just transition for the workers and community since 2009.

Now we need a co-ordinated state and national plan to manage the energy transition to ensure just outcomes for workers and communities. There are more jobs in total in renewables, but they are unlikely to be in the same places as existing coal dependant communities. So we need to assist communities in this transition.

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New Moreland Council will continue strong local climate policies


The Moreland Council election results are now available from the VEC website, with another strongly progressive and green Council set for the next four years to 2020.

The Greens will have 4 Councillors in the new Council, with Labor aligned Councillors numbering 3, Independents 3, and Socialist Alliance 1.

Ten of the eleven new councillors responded to the Climate Action Moreland survey on climate and sustainability. Five of the new councillors went a step further and endorsed the climate emergency declaration.

Congratulation in particular to Greens member Mark Riley, a long-time member of CAM – who has been elected for South ward. We know Mark will be pushing for Moreland to take a much stronger stand on climate change.

Sue Bolton has also been highly supportive of strong emissions reduction and climate adaptation policies. Sue has been an invaluable Council member in helping CAM with its various campaigns (fossil fuel divestment, heat wave relief, endorsement of People’s climate march).

The Greens stood on a united policy platform that included many sustainability principles including: creating the Urban Forest, bringing integrity to council, a new hub for the Arts, stopping poor quality development, funding safer walking and cycling paths, and a clean and safe local environment.

We appreciated the positive support generally from all councillors in the last term on climate change related decisions. We look forward to working with ALL the councillors on furthering climate and sustainability issues in Moreland.


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New Victorian Solar Feed-in Tariffs to recognise Greenhouse gas avoidance

SolarPV in Moreland (Via MEFL)

SolarPV in Moreland (Via MEFL)

New solar feed-in tariffs (FIT) are being introduced by the Andrews Labor government in Victoria, based on the time-of-day – peak, off-peak and shoulder – which better reflects current electricity pricing. The new tariff structure will also compensate solar households with a tariff component taking into account the environment value of greenhouse gases avoided.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio announced the changes as a fairer way to pay people for the solar and wind power they produce for the electricity network.

“Victorians should be fairly compensated for the power they generate – plain and simple.” said Lily D’Ambrosio. “Households will now be compensated through the most cost effective and fairest system available, which is through a time-of-use feed-in tariff.”

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Time to try a Climatarian Diet?

The Climatarian Challenge

The Climatarian Challenge

Australians are the second biggest meat-eaters in the world, with the average Aussie eating over 90kg of meat every year. And there is a lot of embedded carbon contained in the production of meat.

Our friends at Less Meat Less Heat have produced an App for your mobile phone: the Climatarian Challenge to help you understand the challenge in reducing the amount of meat in your diet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and particularly meat production.

Just small changes in social behaviour can add up to major demand driven emissions reduction.

You might choose to implement planned behavioural changes such as ‘Meatless Mondays’ or switching from beef or lamb to pork or chicken.

The application will give you a basic understanding of the carbon footprint of each type of meat and dairy. But it leaves which meats and when you choose to eat them up to you, in a monthly carbon budget.

If in Melbourne, you can go to the global launch:

When: 12th of November from 11am to 3pm
Where: Queensbridge Square, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia
Register at Facebook Event


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